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Black Pearl, Jericho, Marissa Del Mar Wellness Package – Initial Review

This blog post below was first published on my Sexy Nomad blog on February 19, 2016, a day after my 38th birthday. I consider it one of my most important blog posts because of what happened that day. I learned a lot in terms of not getting swayed by sales people. And now I am more paranoid and reluctant than ever when it comes to buying expensive products.

I thought of re-posting this experience here because aside from the fact that I am in the process of transferring my most important posts to this new blog, Momtraneur, I will also be referring to this experience in the future when I review other skincare, health, and beauty products, so I decided to re-post my Jericho and Black Pearl experience here.

For the record, 7 months after I first used Jericho and Black Pearl products, my skin has already undergone a lot of changes and improvement and it’s not because of them. I’ve tried other products after this in the hopes of getting my skin back to normal. I will be blogging about this skin journey I went through as well.

For now, here’s where all my skin experimentation started…

Walking along ATC not knowing that I’ll be spending big soon!

I’m the type of person who is very frugal or “kuripot”. I rarely buy things that are considered expensive because I know the value of money and working hard for it. But sometimes, I do slip and treat myself to something considered luxury. After all, I work really hard for whatever money I have and I do feel I deserve to pamper myself once in a while.



Having said that, I thought that the Club Panoly membership valued at P250K was the most expensive “unnecessary” thing I ever had to pay for in my entire life. It’s a ten-year club membership in their 5-star resort in Boracay at that time and it had affiliates in many other hotels and resorts all throughout the world. I bought that resort membership package in 2004 when I was still with GSIS and was earning A LOT. So I thought that was the most expensive “unnecessary” thing I paid for. Oh, I also paid for my ex’s car and released P250K as well out of my own pocket coz it almost got sequestered by the bank when he couldn’t pay for it anymore. That was supposed to be for our beach wedding that never happened. Oh well… I did enjoy the resort membership anyway for 5 years because after that all hell broke loose and the resort closed down and the rest of my money went down the drain. As for the car, I also spent great times riding in it. It offered a lot of convenience and it really lessened my time commuting to and from work. Were they worth it? I think so. I enjoyed those things while they lasted.



Then there was last night. It was my birthday night. I had plans of shopping but I really had nothing particular to shop for in mind. I did say that I wanted to have a Louis Vuitton bag but after looking at the prices online, I felt that it’s something that I don’t really want to spend my money on. I mean, a quarter of a million pesos for a bag that can last a lifetime? Maybe in another lifetime when I’m really, really rich! Anyway, I just bought a Kate Spade bag when we went duty-free shopping in Subic over the weekend and I’m still pretty happy with it. It’s made of real leather too and really cute, just like me. (Excuses, excuses! I know! Hehehe.)

My Kate Spade purchase for only $295!



So anyway, before we went shopping, we got hungry so we tried the food at Press Cafe in ATC and ordered the Jabowacky burger, cheesy eggplant, seafood arrabiata, strawberry milkshake and java chip frappe. Everything was delicious and filling so price didn’t matter. For a coffee shop, everything was gourmet and we loved it!

Trying out Press Cafe in ATC… Yummm!!!



After that, we went upstairs to FullyBooked and bought myself almost P9K worth of books. It’s been a while since I went book shopping. The last time I did something like this was when I went book shopping in Powerbooks in Trinoma back in 2007 and spent P12K buying the novels, graphic comics and other books I really want! It was heaven! And so was this! (^_^)

UPDATE: 7 months after (I bought these books in Feb and it’s already September now), I still haven’t read nor opened these books except for the Rules of Wealth which I still haven’t finished. Being a mom is time-consuming! Lol! I really should make a resolution of reading at least 1 book a month! How about 1 book every 2 weeks? Hmmm… we’ll see.

Went on a shopping spree at Fully Booked!

After that, we went around the section of ATC where high end items are sold. I checked out the branded bags at Kate Spade (again!), Salvatore Ferragamo, Furla, Tod’s, etc. Nothing excited me so we went out and thought of checking out the clothes shop at another section. Little did I know that my life would change after that (hahaha how dramatic!)



Jericho Pomegranate Facial Peel and Day Cream

So we were happily walking along when a beautiful Israeli woman (named Janel Mor) dressed in black at a kiosk approached me and offered to give me free skin treatment. The product she tested on my skin is a pomegranate facial peel under the brand of Jericho. She scrubbed some on my right forearm. Indeed, some skin seemed to be peeling off (like libag) and when I touched my skin, it felt smooth and clean. Then she applied a day cream and it got easily absorbed by my skin with no grease at all. My skin on that part of my arm felt smoother than the one on my left. And when she applied the cream on my left arm that didn’t get the pomegranate scrubbing, my skin didn’t absorb it so it was greasy. She said that the pomegranate scrub which also has sea salt from the Dead Sea is working its way through my skin to cleanse the pores making it absorb more moisture. She’s giving me 2 packs of it (one for Mahal) plus a day cream all for P9,900. I was sold so I bought them. I checked online just now and each cost around $179 so I think the price I got was a steal.

I thought that was it. Then she said she’d like to try something else on me. Since I really didn’t have anything planned and Mahal and baby Tuz were also enjoying their time there at the kiosk, I said ok.

Jericho Active Serum

She had me sit and after washing off a bit of my makeup, she put some cream called Active Serum (also from Jericho) under my right eye so I can compare it with my left eye-bag. I have dark circles under my eye which I just cover with makeup. This is brought about by years of working and sleeping late and because I’m already 38, my body no longer produces collagen (she said it stops at age 25) which is why we get wrinkles, dark spots and puffiness. After the active serum, she also applied a bit of eye and neck gel. Janel (the Israeli sales lady/skin expert) said that I’ll see instant results and indeed, the dark circle under my right eye seemed to have lightened a bit, and when I looked closely at the mirror, it looked less puffy and with lesser wrinkles than the one on the left. Hmmm… Nice.


Look! The one on the left looks less puffy than the one on the right!


Jericho Energizing Salt Scrub

She also used another scrub on me, this time on my hands. It’s an energizing salt scrub that has dead sea minerals, Duneliella Seaweed and natural oils. She said it helps lighten stretch marks and dark spots. She applied it on the left side of my neck as well. After a few minutes, she showed it to Mahal and indeed, the line on the left side of my neck seemed to have lightened and my hands feel soft and smooth too. For those three products, Janel sold it to me for P24K. What can I say? I’ve been thinking of going to Belo anyway, this one’s cheaper and non-abrasive.

Black Pearl Cleopatra Mask with 24K Gold

Again, I thought that was it. But maybe because I seemed to be on a buying spree, she offered me their most premium set of products. The Black Pearl Cleopatra Mask with 24K gold valued at P160,000 at the Black Pearl Institute (now Marissa del Mar Wellness Institute).She demonstrated to both me and Mahal how it works. She put some on both our faces. It turned greenish gold. The gold she said is being absorbed by our skin. Our skin has five layers and usually in facial clinics, what they treat is just the first layer which is why you keep coming back for more treatments because the root of the skin problem isn’t really solved. Unlike with the use of the Black Pearl Cleopatra mask 24K Gold, the mask with the 24K gold goes deep into the skin to cleanse the dirt and oil. The amazing thing about this is that she didn’t ask me to wash my face afterwards. What she did was she took out the gold bar from the box (it’s a magnet that has 24K gold plate), covered it with tissue and then she lightly placed it on my face. Lo and behold, the greenish stuff (which is the metal that went under my skin) is being pulled up by the magnet! It felt different like all my whiteheads and blackheads are being pulled up all at the same time.

Pampering ourselves with the Black Pearl Cleopatra Mask 24K Gold

Then what remained on my skin is the golden color of the mask. She told me to not wash it off until the next day. I will only have to apply this once or twice a month and I can retain my skin age for a lifetime. This is the very reason why Cleapotra is said to have died looking like 37 years old when in reality she was already 90+. Well, that’s what she said.


Marissa Del Mar Wellness Package

Then she offered me a Marissa Del Mar Wellness Package as well which includes:

24 Slimming Treatments by the following machines:
– G-5 Massager (for the tummy area)
– Radio Frequency (can be used in all parts of the body including face and neck for lifting)
– Low Frequency (can be used in all parts of the body except the face)

10 Facials:
– diamond peel
– whitening
– lifting
– collagen
– cranberry
– anti-acne
– basic facial
– gold facial (limited to 3 vouchers only)

She also gave me a gold card that will grant me a free lifetime facial every month to be shared with 2 of my family/friends. My mom will be thrilled!


Almost Half a Million Package

All in all, the whole package Janel was selling me is worth P395,000 not including the P9k and P24k I already paid for. But I only paid about 25% of that in total using my handy Visa credit card which I later on applied for paylite transaction. I guess they just really wanted to make a sale so they gave me a huge discount. I was in remorse over the whole purchase on the way back home when it eventually dawned on me despite of the fact that according to her even Belo uses the Cleopatra mask and celebrities like Cheska Garcia uses them too. I must admit that the price is really steep. Janel said that beauty doesn’t really come cheap. If you buy cheap products, you get cheap results too. Which is true. I’ve been having skin problems since I got pregnant and now that I’m on postpartum I thought it’ll go away but no, my face is breaking out like crazy and my body itches more and more. I don’t know if it’s hormones but I will definitely need some skin care treatment soon. I’ve tried Proactive but it doesn’t work anymore. I tried some Belo products but nothing is happening. Maybe this is the universe’s way of telling me that I should go buy these skin care treatments. They look authentic and the instant result I saw and felt on my skin were good enough. Thank God for the huge discount and the paylite system of Citibank. In two years, I’ll be able to pay all of this off.

Last night, here’s how my skin was like during the Cleopatra Mask application. There’s still a bit of makeup though. They should’ve really washed off my makeup.


Applying the Black Pearl Cleopatra Mask 24K

I haven’t washed my face yet since last night so as of present time and this is how my face looks like now:

12 hours after applying the Black Pearl Cleopatra Mask 24K

It’s only been less than 24 hours (almost 12 hours to be exact) but I think the whiteheads on my forehead and cheeks have already flattened a bit and dried out. Janel said that the effects of the Jericho skin care products will last me a lifetime as long as I follow the regimen and after this, I won’t have to treat my skin again. Plus, I do love that wellness package they offered. I’ve been telling Mahal that I want to join a gym membership to get back in shape and maybe even have Belo do some tummy tucking. So maybe I don’t have to do that anymore if all these things being offered to me will work its magic.

So I kept asking Mahal if I should get them. I was thinking, that could be money used for our Japan trip, or maybe a trip to Paris. Or maybe that LV bag I was telling myself I’ll get. On the other hand, beauty and youthful look is something that I’ve never really invested on and maybe this is the right time to do so. Seeing my hesitation, Janel and her manager was willing to give me a big discount. Still, it’s quite steep for a non-celebrity and frugal person like me. I asked Mahal one last time if I should buy it and I was surprised because he, being the more frugal of us two, said that I deserve to pamper and treat myself. It’s my birthday anyway. And yeah, this is in exchange for all the stuff in the past I never bought, for all the pagtitipid I did growing up, for all the hard work I did and much much more! I want to attract more of these luxurious things in my life so how can I do that if I am always hesitating, always thinking that I don’t deserve something like this, right? The universe was just giving me what I want anyway since I’ve been worried about my pimples and other skin problems and I’ve been praying to God to show me the answer to my skin and weight woes. I think this is it.

Jericho Premium Skin Care Products, Black Pearl Cleopatra Mask 24K Gold, Marissa Del Mar Wellness Package — valued at almost half a million pesos!!!

So after much, much thought last night (ATC already closed at 9 and we were there until past 10 pm being sales talked by these Israeli women), I finally gave in!

I’ll definitely give you a review once I start really using these products and see for myself if I’ve been scammed or if Jericho is really the answer to my skin problems. This Sunday, I told Janel that I want to check out the Marissa Del Mar Wellness Center in Glorietta and since she’s visiting her family who lives nearby, she’ll give me a tour of the place. So watch out for that too on my upcoming blog posts.

UPDATE: Here’s the next review related to this:


Again, happy birthday to me! (^_^) — posted Feb. 19, 2016, a day after my 38th birthday. 

20 thoughts on “Black Pearl, Jericho, Marissa Del Mar Wellness Package – Initial Review

    • MomTraNeur says:

      I know right? These sales people really know how to sell like they use their magic powers on you. Hope it works its wonders like you said. 🙂


  1. Evie says:

    Hi there MonTraNeur. I’m hoping for your updates regarding your use of black pearl 24k mask.. I recently bought one myself but just the mask. I’m thinking to resell it (if I find one person to buy it!) Because after finding out that the product hasn’t have enough information online (even their Facebook page is empty!) I became even more skeptical if this is a real deal. I feel 99.9% scammed already after finding out that there are tons of sellers than feedbacks from real users-worlwide. It’s totally just a NEGOSYO. I’m trying to prove my .01% feeling that this is legit. (THAT .01% came to me after I read that you have been reassured by their doctor) Thanks dear BTW I really enjoyed reading your blogs.


    • MomTraNeur says:

      Hi Evie! I know how you feel. Been there… I will make another post about it soon. Will just finish all my baby posts this week. So probably, next week. Play stay tuned.


  2. noreen espero says:

    hi momtreneur. i purchased a black pearl cleopatra mask. have the same thoughts with Evie. i would really appreciate your feedback after using this product. thank you very much


    • MomTraNeur says:

      A bit, I think. I’m not sure though if it’s my hormones waning its negative effects or Jericho products worked. I still use it from time to time. But I’m making my own homemade organic soaps and facial scrubs now and since then my skin got a lot better.


  3. Jennifer Cruz says:

    Ms. Gretch, I guess she’s the manager in their ATC branch, gave us a special price last Feb 18, 2018. We paid for about 61K pesos for the “Perfectio” silver and several of their products, but after using it for about 2 months now, NO EFFECT. My face was far better before than now. Worthless!


  4. Mj says:

    It’s a totally scammed! I am asking a refund from them, I never used the products I bought since I got bad experience on the free facial they gave (cleopatra mask). My skin feels like burning. And the jewish guy in glorietta told me that their company didn’t give a refund. Oh come on! Am gonna throw those products on his face once my refund not approved. I already escalate my concern to their customer service head.
    Here’s what happened:
    Fri when Ms chie and that Ms greta made a sales talked (Yeah fucking sheeet maybe I was hyponotized!!) So it was fri night when they applied the facial cleopatra mask then around 1am when I already got home my face feels like burning, itchy and mahapdi but I did not wash it as per ate na na gumawa saken the next day ko na daw banlawan..pag kagising.. and ofcourse I followed her instructions..But hinde normal ung feeling na un ng skin ko like the efff anu ba tong pinag gagawa bakit ako ang nagpa convince dun like and daming pinagbbgay pa na freebies kunwari nitong si Ms greta. And un nga saturday bumalik ako sa store para i return ung products and sinabi ko ung result. Tapos sabi saken ni Ms greta its normal daw..sheeet!!!! Kng gusto ko daw magpa check sa derma nila sa tue pa daw available so kailangan ko pa mag antay na gumaling kasi 3-4 days pa???, like what the effff d dn ako makapunta sa derma ko kasi weekdays lang sya and I’m sure papagalitan lang ako.
    And now I’m still chasing them to refund my money, they don’t want to accept the products sa store. Need pa daw ako i check ng derma nila. Letsee!

    P.S. i told to them that I have a sensitive skin before pag sila maglagay ng mask etc.

    So guys, be ware sa BLACK PEARL PRESTIGE na yan! It’s a TOTALLY SCAMMED!!

    I will give an update once ma approved refund ko, it’s a TOTALLY WASTE OF MONEY!!


      • Mj says:

        Finally after 4 en half months my request refund was approved. Hinde ko sila tinigilan like araw araw akong nagpa-follow at nag rarant thru txt and call.
        Yung customer service nila tumawag saken nung nagfile ako ng refund sa store nila sa glorietta (dun kasi ako na scammed) hahaha, that gurl Janel Mor nakausap ko dn yan, ayaw nya i-approve at sinabihan pa nya ako na hinde daw ako nakakaintindi ng Company Policy nila no return no refund (fuck off you bitch tandaan mo nasa pinas ka) pero syempre nakipag matigasan pa dn ako. Hahaha, ayun sinamahan ko na dn ng dasal. 😂 So pls guys, wag ng pansinin mga nag Sa-Sales talk lalo na kung may dala kang CC. This is a lesson learned for us!


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