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How to Travel with a Baby? (A 2016 Travel Recap)

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!

I took an almost month-long break from blogging to enjoy the first month of the new year. I didn’t work as much, I had some legal stuff to take care of and we headed to exciting adventures as a family. Now that the Chinese New Year has just ended, we’re back home concretizing our new plans and new adventures for 2017. It’s gonna be exciting!

New year, new set of goals and travel plans. Yey! Like I said, we just started traveling again, hence, the super busy schedule we now have — juggling parenthood, business plans, work and leisure. But before I share with you about our current adventures, I want to do a recap first of the travels we did last year through this blog post of knowing how to travel peacefully and enjoyably with a baby. Plus, I still want to share with you one by one those places we visited before that I still haven’t published yet (to be done on some future blog posts). But first things, first…


Mahal (my partner) and I have been traveling since we first became friends in 2012. Me, I’ve been traveling since I was 6 years old. My grandfather has this 7-acre farm in Northern Mindanao, we have a 26-hectare ancestral land in Southern Mindanao (2,000 square meters of it are mine, weee!) and my grandfather used to travel a lot for work (he was a lawyer with Ph.D. and was a School Superintendent of Region 10) and he would sometimes bring me to places south of our archipelago during vacation. When I became a self-supporting adult, I would frequent various beaches with my friends. When I retired from government service at the age of 30 and got a fat retirement paycheck, I invested a lot of it and spent some of it on budget travels all over the Philippines and some parts of Asia. Last year, when I was pregnant, we were touring Mindanao, Visayas and Luzon for a month and we even climbed the three levels of Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig Surigao del Sur on my 7th month of pregnancy. Suffice it to say that we love to travel. I believe it’s our only luxury since I’ve already partly given up shopping for new clothes, shoes and accessories ( I used to be a shopaholic in my 20’s and early 30’s and now my clothes are mostly a decade old, lol! Don’t worry, I already did some minor shopping because of a friend’s wedding I recently attended and I plan to shop for some more new stuff before going to our other vacay destinations this year, unless I can find new-looking stuff in my old trunk, hehehe). I haven’t bought anything new using cash in a long time. My handy Citibank Visa takes care of other expenses, hence, the late nights we spend doing work so we can pay all our bills on time. We’re frugal and resourceful that way. After all the monthly bills are paid and there’s extra money left, we spend it on travel. So even when baby Tuz came into our lives, it wasn’t that hard for us to travel. In fact, our lives seem to be much simpler and easier every time we’re on the road heading some place new.

So for those of you who are about to have a baby or already have one and would like to travel peacefully and enjoyably despite the fact that your baby is less than a year old, the tips that I’m about to share with you could be helpful. These tips are not exhaustive though. They’re just based on how we were able to travel with our baby safely, soundly and enjoyably for the first twelve months of his life. Continue reading

I Quit Social Media for a Week and Here’s What Happened…

I think I started my year right by quitting social media – for at least a week now… and I plan to do more!  I’ve actually been wanting to quit for a long time now because it has become quite toxic for me. Instead of doing other more important things, I find myself wasting precious time perfecting photos I want to upload and share, coming up with posts that can garner more likes, mindlessly browsing at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Social sharing is okay up to a certain extent especially if it offers valuable information that I need and especially if it makes me feel good, but if it doesn’t make my life better anymore, if it brings out negative feelings in me, if it’s not contributing anymore to my well-being and the well-being of my family, I guess that’s the time to call it quits.  I’m not even “chismosa” in real life. I’m a quiet person. I mind my own business. And I more often than not don’t care about what my neighbors do. But with social media being open to the world, it’s like something is pulling me to eavesdrop or take a peek at other people’s lives and most of the time, the things I see just make me feel depressed about my own. But since it’s part of my job (I manage a lot of social media accounts for my clients), I really can’t quit it all together and that’s okay. What I mean is to quit my own personal social media which I’ve done for the past week. And here’s what happened: Continue reading