Santa Fe beach Club Ogtong Cave

No to Santa Fe Beach Club Ogtong Cave – TERRIBLE SERVICE!!!

We’ve been locally traveling since January this year (actually, since I was 6 years old, lol!) and I have so many things to share with you as soon as I have the time. And now that I finally have a couple of minutes to spare from my busy life as a mom, an entrepreneur, a homemaker, a traveler, I feel that this negative review we have of Santa Fe Beach Club Ogtong Cave’s Restaurant deserves a much-needed attention.

So we’ve been touring Bantayan Island in Northern Cebu for a couple of days when we decided to spend a day at Santa Fe Beach Club Ogtong Cave. It was part of an island tour we did one day but because we arrived at the place at almost 4pm, and the resort is open only to Day Tour guests from 8am-4pm, we decided to just come back another day so we can make the most out of their P200 entrance fee per person (children 0-2 years old are free of charge).

So that’s what we did. We came to Santa Fe Beach Club Ogtong Cave in our swimming attire. We didn’t bring any towels with us since we didn’t have any coming to this island and towels are provided for at the resort we were staying at anyway (St. Bernard Beach Resort); food and drinks are not allowed inside which was okay because we were excited to try their menu. 

The first thing that stressed me a bit including Mahal was their sign outside the open-air restaurant that says wet clothes are not allowed inside (too bad I wasn’t able to take a shot of it as we were hungry and busy taking care of Tuz at the same time). We’ve stayed at so many resorts during our lifetime ranging from 5-star to budget resorts and this is the first time we saw a rule like this. It’s a beach and swimming pool and cave pool resort and yet they don’t allow their guests who are mostly wet inside their open-air resto??? Go figure! They don’t even rent out towels for walk-in guests like other resorts do.

Santa Fe Beach Club Ogtong Cave

After some time, I tried to relax. Sige, their property, their rules (even if we paid P200 each to supposedly enjoy our time at their place). I dried myself a bit under the sun before going up the steps leading to their resto. Then I asked for their menu. The first three choices that we liked were:

  • pork steamed rice
  • chicken steamed rice
  • breaded pork chop

So I ordered those.

Then the waitress said that if I want the steamed rice, I need to choose only 1 flavor. I said “sorry but I don’t get it. My partner wants pork and I want chicken. Why are you the one choosing what food to order? Is it not available?” After a lo-ong conversation clarifying my order, it turns out that a lot of other guests also ordered pork steamed rice and it’ll be easier for them to cook it all in one go rather than cooking another flavor that only I ordered. In short, their cook is lazy! Aren’t restaurants supposed to cook one order one at a time? Why are they insisting to mass produce all the orders? This is not a carenderia (local cafeteria) nor fast food like Jollibee! I am ordering from a supposed restaurant, right?!

I still managed to insist on what I want but they said it will take some time. It’s been 38 minutes since I ordered a small serving of their rice topping. Minutes continue to tick by and nothing… no food yet.

Another thing, since we’re all wet, we can’t eat inside the restaurant (no wonder nobody’s eating inside!) They have tables and chairs all over the property but I will have to be the one to bring the food where we want to eat with a deposit of P50.00. The restaurant is far away from all the other tables and chairs littered at their resort! Grabe, they’re not even bringing the food to us! It’s slow food, with no kind service whatsoever. And we have to return the plates to them so we can get our deposit back. Magsara na kayo uy! Are you a beach resto? Buti pa sa carenderia in all other beach resorts we’ve been to (Boracay included), the owner brings the food to the guests.

Santa Fe Beach Club Ogtong Cave

After almost an hour, someone approached me and told me that our food was ready and that we can go get it. Why all the effort to go from the restaurant all the way to where I was just to tell me that? Why didn’t he just bring the food to us??? So we had to walk all the way from where I was which was very far from the restaurant, all the way there and by the time Mahal was at the entrance of their resto, he wasn’t allowed to enter because his clothes were still wet!!! What a stupid rule! So, of course, he got hot-headed and the staff just chuckled at him! So disrespectful! Does the management of Santa Fe Beach Club Ogtong Cave even know this??? Was it their idea to implement such rules? OMG!!! What horrible service they have!

Oh, and we noticed that they have a lot of staff who are not even doing anything! Their swimming pool is not very clean and the Ogtong Cave per se smells weird. Then there was this one baby, probably about a year old, who is just wearing a cotton tank top and shorts who was not allowed in the pool because the poor baby is not wearing a proper swimming attire. OMG!!!

I will never go back to this place again! I wanted to relax and enjoy my time with my family but instead, they give you STRESS because of their NO SERVICE! I will never recommend this to anyone unless you want to be stressed! No wonder it took me 12 years to come back here!!! Their service must have always been terrible and I just forgot. Well now I’m writing it all down here on my blog so I won’t forget. Very poor and stupid service!!! NO TO SANTA FE BEACH CLUB OGTONG CAVE’s RESTAURANT! NO TO SANTA FE BEACH CLUB OGTONG CAVE! PERIOD!

9 thoughts on “No to Santa Fe Beach Club Ogtong Cave – TERRIBLE SERVICE!!!

  1. Summer Mitch Ryan says:

    Oh my! I’m speechless. Good thing though you’re able to vent out whatever pent up emotions you have. The management must improve their services if they want to thrive in this kind of business.


    • MomTraNeur says:

      I know right? I have a hunch though that perhaps the rules came from their management / owner. Coz why would the staff feel so indifferent about it? Worse, they laughed at us when we got hot-headed like this was some sort of a game and we played without knowing the rules! It must be mismanagement issue. Tsk, tsk.


  2. Elizabeth O says:

    Oh wow that sounds like really terrible service, I am not surprised that you were unhappy! Not somewhere I would want to visit with such rude staff.


  3. Esme Sy says:

    That is such a horrible experience. I had my own share of poor customer service like that and I’ve worked in the industry, there really is no excuse for these cheap, lazy methods. That said, I’ll let my local friends know about this.


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