Look Back

A Look Back at 2018… Grateful for the Year that Was

I am just full of gratitude these days. Arenโ€™t you? And why shouldnโ€™t we? Being able to wake up every day, be with our family and do meaningful work are actually more than enough to thank God for this wonderful gift of life He has given us. This is why my previous post was all about gratitude, for allowing me to have a career in the online worldย and live a dream lifestyle that I have chosen since retiring from government service in December 2007.ย  This post will also be about gratitude as I look back to all the previous yearโ€™s blessings. And I believe, I have one more gratitude post to write after this. My heart is just brimming with joy that I need to express all of them before I burst out of utter bliss. โค

Before I look back at 2018 though, I want to look back at the last 3 years since weโ€™ve had Tuz.

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