Don Narciso Cafe

Review of Don Narciso Cafe in Claveria – Never Again!

I originally posted this on my Facebook Page and since I am now back to blogging every day, I have found the time to post it here.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a long time now, you know that I rarely post anything negative about my travel and food experiences and that’s because we rarely have bad travel and food experiences, thank God! But when we do, I make it a point to share it to my blog readers and followers on social media so they would be warned or at least they can set their expectations right should they also try to visit the same places. Like when I posted about a resort we visited in Bantayan Island last year —  NO TO SANTA FE BEACH CLUB OGTONG CAVE – TERRIBLE SERVICE!!! I think that was the last time we experienced terrible customer service until we dined here at Don Narciso Cafe in Lanise, Claveria, Misamis Oriental along Route 955. So I’ll just copy and paste my original review below:

Don Narciso Cafe

This was before we entered Don Narciso Cafe. We had high hopes and expectation!

NO TO DON NARCISO CAFE IN CLAVERIA – selling overpriced noodles, bland pasta, bad customer service. Not worth it!!!

I will blog about this but for now, dito muna sa FB.

Mahal and I, we love exploring new food places and when we come across one, we either try to order food we don’t normally order or try a signature dish. That’s what we did here.

Don Narciso Cafe

Looking at the prices, I thought, wow, they’re at the Starbucks level! Their food better taste good! Only to find out that they didn’t live up to their pricey standard.

Don Narciso Cafe

I ordered Laksa noodles which I thought will help me bring back good memories of our trip to Malaysia. But no, their Laksa noodles tasted like instant Payless noodles in spicy soup, bringing back memories of me being a poor college student. And it cost me P120 freaking pesos! Kung cguro P30 lang yun, hindi ako magrereklamo. (If it was just 30 pesos, I will not compalin.) Eh mas masarap pa yung healthy version ko ng instant pancit canton na niluluto ko sa bahay eh! (My own homecooked instant canton noodles tastes way better!) Ni hindi ko nalasahan ang coconut milk which it’s supposed to have. (I didn’t even taste the coconut milk which it is supposed to have.) At ni walang ibang halo except for the noodles and an egg. (And there weren’t any other ingredients that I could see except for the noodles and the egg.) I-google nyo ang Laksa noodles. (Google Laksa noodles.) It doesn’t look like this! Nakakagigil talaga!!! (Grrrr!)

Don Narciso Cafe

This was their Laksa Noodles! They should’ve named this Spicy Instant Noodles instead. And it’s P120! What a high price for something so cheap-tasting and cheap-looking!

Hanz ordered their Don Narciso pasta. Because it bears their name, we thought masarap at special sha. P185 pa man din. Pero hinde! Ang liit na nga ng serving, matabang pa!!! Nakakainit ng ulo imbis na mabusog ka. (Hanz ordered their Don Narciso pasta. Because it bears their name, we thought it’s delicious and special. But no! The serving was so small and so bland! It’s so frustrating and not at all satiating.)

Don Narciso Pasta

This was their Don Narciso Pasta at P185. Serving was so small and tasted so bland!

To add to all the pain, yung lady sa cashier, who looks like she’s the owner too, hindi kami pinapansin kahit andun na kami sa harap nya para umorder.  Inuna pa nya yung iba, at nakipag chikahan pa sha sa hindi naman customer. Ang tagal pa dumating ng food namin. Bad service talaga!!!  (To add to all the pain, the lady at the cashier, who looks like she’s the owner too, wasn’t giving us any attention even if we were already there in front of her ready to order. She attended to other guests who came after us and even chitchatted with a staff member. Then our orders were served after 40 minutes! Bad customer service indeed!)

Don Narciso Cafe

Tick-tock, tick-tock! It’s been more than half an hour… where’s our order???

My only consolation was tama ang lasa nung chai latte nila. Pero sayang. Pwede pa naman naming balik-balikan sana coz mejo malapit lang sha sa farm. (My only consolation was they got the taste of my Chai Latte right. But still, it could’ve brought them more business. We could’ve frequented the place since it’s so near our farm.)

Don Narciso Cafe Chai Latte

At least they got my Chai Latte right. That’s my only consolation.

On this day, we learned WHAT NOT TO DO when it’s our turn to set up our own cafe na — Take care of your customers especially new ones, at sarapan ang pagkain lalo na kung pricey. Sana umayos sila. We are so disappointed talaga. Tsk, tsk.” (On this day, we learned WHAT NOT TO DO when it’s our turn to set up our own cafe  — Take care of your customers especially new ones, and make the food really delicious especially if it comes with a hefty price tag. We really are so disappointed. Tsk, tsk.” 

Don Narciso Cafe

NO TO DON NARCISO CAFE! Never again!!!

I’ve actually already forgotten about this coz this happened about two weeks ago. But then I saw someone on my Facebook feed post about it and I guess my emotions were triggered. I still wasn’t over our bad experience there! Lol!

Please note that I’ve posted the same review on their Facebook Page so they can improve their services. Someone commented recently on my review and said that yeah, the food didn’t taste the way it’s supposed to taste and that the Laksa noodles were really just instant noodles. Too bad. And more so because the cafe owners or stakeholders didn’t even reach out to us like what Babu Kwan did who made a complete turn-around in their services because of my bad review on their FB page. (I will post about that too)

An FB friend said that the price may have something to do with it being in the mountains and ingredients may not be easy to get. So let’s see what’s supposed to be in Laksa noodles. According to Wikipedia, Laksa noodles are comprised of:

rice noodles, garlic, lemongrass, ginger, red curry paste, chicken stock, soy sauce, sugar, coconut milk, prawns, button mushrooms, spinach, lime juice, coriander, and onions

These ingredients are so easy to get! Claveria market, which sells all kinds of fresh produce, is just less than 20 minutes away! I know because we sometimes do our groceries there and even deliver fresh mushrooms and other fresh vegetables from the farm! So I really don’t get where they got their price point and their own version of Laksa noodles. What they served us was not Laksa at all but cheap instant spicy noodles! And their pasta… pasta is so easy to do unless you make your own pasta noodles which I doubt they do. If they used fresh tomatoes as part of the sauce, it would have tasted good. And even if they used any commercial pasta sauce, it would’ve tasted good as well. But for some reason, their pasta tasted so bland! Grrrr…

Anyway, the view was really nice. It’s the same kind of view I wake up to at the farm every day. I really feel sad we won’t be going here anymore because of their bad customer service. Tsk, tsk.

Don Narciso Cafe

It’s almost the same view we have on the farm. Too bad the food doesn’t taste half as good. Tsk, tsk.

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