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Valentus Coffee Review [Here’s Why I Decided to Stop After Only 1 Cup]

This is not supposed to be my next blog post after I took a little break from blogging because of the many exciting things happening to me in my professional and personal life. I actually am preparing myself to write and blog some more which was why I ordered Valentus Coffee in the first place, to give me more energy so I can squeeze in more tasks in my super busy schedule. But then this was what happened. I was just supposed to post this on Facebook but the post got long so I thought why not just turn it into a blog post, that way people who are wondering about Valentus Coffee could read about my experience and it might help them make an informed decision about whether to buy or not this slimming coffee product.

Here goes…



Below is my Facebook post yesterday about Valentus Coffee when my order from Lazada arrived:
Valentus Coffee

After I posted about it on Facebook, I did a full-body workout for 17 minutes coz I just woke up then. After an hour, I prepped my first meal of the day so I can drink my first cup of Valentus coffee with my breakfast.

After taking half a sachet to make a cup of Valentus Optimum SlimRoast Coffee yesterday (the instruction said that for first-timers, only half a sachet should be taken so I followed to the letter) I had high hopes! I followed the instructions. I ate normal food, I drank lots of water, I went about my day feeling hopeful that this could be the solution to lose weight fast! A friend I know lost weight, I read some nice reviews, and I was looking forward to having the best experience with this weight loss product. But I had my reservations too that is why I only bought a 3-day trial pack, just in case it doesn’t work. After that first cup, so far so good. I didn’t finish what I was eating because I suddenly felt nauseous! I didn’t feel like eating anymore. I thought, good! The product is working! I drank lots of water after that and throughout the day. I took my usual vitamins and medicines (Enervon, B-Complex, Amlodipine 10mg for Hypertension, Rosuvastatin Calcium 5mg for Cholesterol). That was about 1 pm. By 6 pm I was already hungry so I had my 2nd meal of the day together with brownies. I was really hungry then so I ate. My last meal was around 9pm, just rice and our usual Musiga product and our upcoming Mushroom Palapa. I worked some more. I slept around 1-2am.

Then, just now, I decided to stop drinking Valentus Coffee.

Why? I posted something on my Facebook this morning:

Valentus Coffee


They say this will increase my energy which I really need considering that I have a ton of responsibilities on my plate. But what happened was, I woke up feeling groggy and tired. This was after 8 hours of sleep so I slept for two more hours coz I literally couldn’t get up like someone made me drink sleeping pills! After a total of 10 hours of sleep, I had to drag myself out of bed coz I have deadlines to finish at work. As in I was really dragging myself out of bed! Ugh! What’s happening to me??? I finally made it to the kitchen and made myself some lemon water and that’s when I started waking up. Then I went online to research more about Valentus. Here’s what I found so far:


Valentus Coffee



Medsafe is issuing a warning that Valentus SlimROAST Optimum Dark Roast Coffee should not be consumed – statement under section 98 of the Medicines Act 1981

11 October 2019

Valentus SlimROAST Optimum Dark Roast Coffee (presented as sachets and as a powder in a tub) has been tested by Medsafe and found to contain methylhexanamine (DMAA) and phenethylamine. Methylhexanamine is a prescription medicine and phenethylamine is a class C controlled drug.

Advice for consumers and caregivers
Information for healthcare professionals
Products affected
Further information
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Advice for consumers and caregivers

  • Do not consume Valentus SlimROAST Optimum Dark Roast Coffee.
  • If you have consumed this product and feel unwell, seek medical advice. Tell your healthcare professional that you have consumed a product containing methylhexanamine and phenethylamine.
  • If you have purchased this product, return it to the point of sale or safely dispose of it.

Valentus Coffee

In Short:

Valentus SlimRoast has zero research proving it works. Testimonials don’t count.

SlimRoast contains mostly unproven ingredients that likely don’t work – together, or separately – to promote weight loss.

Healthiest coffee on the planet? Not quite.

It’s pretty physiologically impossible to take a supplement and lose weight just from that, without any changes to your diet or activity. So testimonials that make that claim are probably not legit. I promise – when scientists find the magic ingredient that makes people lose weight while they sit on their ass, I’ll let you know. For now though – you’ll need to do the work. Sorry!

Don’t be fooled by talk about proprietary blends and/or ingredients. No one is hiding the world’s best-ever weight-loss secret.

The Bottom Line:

Want the same effect of SlimRoast? Get a Starbucks and eat a balanced diet. Then, smile because you saved money and didn’t buy SlimRoast

Valentus coffee, aside from containing all those healthy ingredients that help you lose weight and give you more energy, also contains controlled drugs which are prohibited in the US! These drugs (methylhexanamine and phenethylamine) are similar to ephedrine, an ingredient in slimming pills I took before in my 20s (hence my super slim physique back then) and can cause cardiovascular disorders like thinning blood vessels, high blood pressure, heart attacks, etc. I took those slimming pills before for 1-2 years and after some time I did experience similar side effects like what I had this morning. Those pills were probably one of the contributing factors why I became hypertensive.

Anyway, I’m happy for those who are getting the benefits of Valentus coffee. Good for you. But it’s not for me anymore. Sayang, I still have 2.5 sachets here. Who wants to buy? Hehe.

I should just stick to my plan of having a well-balanced diet, enough hours of sleep, HIIT exercises even if it’s just 7 minutes a day if I’m too busy, and reduction of carbs (goodbye rice na talaga!) chips, cakes, chocolates, and brownies (yan talagang mga junk food ang salarin! lol!) I can’t do Keto diet too even if I want to because of my high cholesterol. I do intermittent fasting though. But what I really need to increase is my physical activity which I will start tonight. We will start running again at the Oval. My goal is to be sexy again for my 42nd birthday next year, hehehe. *Crossing my fingers* 


It’s always good to listen to your body and how it responds to certain products. Always be cautious and careful. After all, we only have one life to live, one body to enjoy life, and as Tony Robbins always says, there is really no shortcut to great health. We really have to consciously act on it every single day and not expect certain drugs to do the miracle for us.


How about you? Have you taken this Valentus coffee before? How is it for you?