Through Night and Day

My Own Confessions, Thanks to Through Night and Day [An Emotional Netflix Movie Review]

I’ve been seeing posts about Through Night and Day starring Alessandra de Rossi and Paolo Contis on Facebook. I rarely watch Tagalog movies these days but when I saw their faces on Netflix, I got curious long before all these Facebook posts about it cropped up. So I watched it, by myself, around 1am last week or so as I was relaxing in between shifts at work. I knew it would be a tearjerker and I was craving for a good cry.

I’ve forgotten all about it until Lorelei, a Facebook friend, asked me if I’ve already watched it coz she’s waiting for me to post about it. I said yes but I chose not to say anything about it coz it got me depressed. Now, all the emotions are flooding back… so now I need to blog about it…

You see, with all this pandemic going on, my life now revolves around my family and my work (oh, and food! lol!) No more time to travel even if I want to, no more time to spend chatting with the small group of friends I have left coz I’ve been accepting online work left & right, no more time to just really sit down with Mahal and talk about us because he’s so busy too with mushrooms, and the last few times we did get to talk about us, it ended up with a breakup… which lasted for a minute or two… but it broke my heart into a million tiny pieces, and even as I write this, I’m still actually healing from those few moments that he wanted to leave me because of uncomfortable issues that keep cropping up between us. We managed to overcome that big tiny hiccup (ang ironic noh? big pero tiny..) but yeah, I needed a good cry….

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