Thoughts About Real Estate and Mortgages in These Trying Times

Hello, hello, hello!

Iโ€™ve been catching up on a TON of work since we got engaged!!! A lot of things have been going on in my personal life as well but Iโ€™m hoping to share more of our adventures real soon. And one of these adventures that Iโ€™d like to share here with you now is not just about travels that weโ€™ve been doing but more importantly, stuff that weโ€™ve been accomplishing to help fulfill those goals weโ€™ve set out for ourselves for this year and the next. I gave you some ideas before about how to reach your goals for 2022 and Iโ€™ve also shared with you some financial tools if your goal is a financial one.

So, this other adventure that I want to share here with you is also a bit related to finances. As you may know, Mahal and I are getting married next year and we are in the works of fulfilling our dream of having a beach wedding in Mactan, Cebu. Even if what we want is just an intimate one with only a few guests, it would still be considered as a big spend for us frugal folks so weโ€™re doing everything we can to augment our income. We donโ€™t want to spend so much on the wedding because we have a bigger fish to fry so to speak. Or shall I say โ€œfishesโ€? Teehee.

And these โ€œfishesโ€ are:

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