Richard Branson

The Day I Met Richard Branson

Just a little TBT post…

This photo above was taken on May 12, 2013 when I got invited to go to Malaysia by Air Asia and there I saw in person Richard Branson, one of my ultimate idols. I’ve been reading his blog since and this one really struck a chord in me: LIFE IS NOT A JOURNEY TO RETIREMENT.

Growing up, I was programmed to believe that life is a journey — that I should live a good life, I should finish my studies, I should find a good job and climb its corporate ladder, I should marry and build a family, while saving up for retirement, then I can die. When I think about it, it’s quite morbid, isn ‘t it? But the truth is, subconsciously, I’ve been doing that in one way or another all my life. Like what Stephen Covey taught me in college, “Begin with the end in mind.” While that principle is indeed very helpful in terms of goal-setting and reaching for your dreams, once you’ve achieved your end, it doesn’t really end there. That’s just one lesson in life out of the multitude we’re gonna learn as we traverse this little spot in the universe. And that, for me, is more exciting!

Richard Branson

Ever since I’ve read that little blog post of Richard Branson, I’ve been much happier because now, I get to enjoy every moment of my life more. I get to smell the roses so to speak. My life is no longer about those seemingly important things that I’ve set myself to do like completing my house mortgage, raising baby Tuz, having that dream wedding, buying another property, starting a new business, etc. Though those goals are commendable especially in our society where financial stability is important, for me, now, it’s more about living in the moment, sleepless nights, baby poop, vomit, and all. 😉

Thanks to Richard Branson, I now realize that the destination is no longer as important  as the process itself of growing, living, and learning. Just like what Branson said in his blog: “I’ve never thought as work as work and play as play; to me, it’s all living and learning. The way I see it, life is all about striving and growing. I never want to have made it; I want to continue making it!”

Photo taken from Reuters (–GM1E95C10BX01.html)


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