Forest Babbles

That time I was babbling about BUILDING A HOUSE, MY MAKEUP, and CORN HARVEST in the middle of the forest

I was just supposed to show you the spot in the coffee forest where we plan to build our modern tiny cottage but then I started sharing with you about my makeup…because… yeah, well, I wear makeup at the farm, lol! Then suddenly it’s time to harvest the corn. Watch the vid!

White Label Premium Placenta

My White Label Premium Placenta Skin Care Journey

Becoming a mother really entails a lot of sacrifices. There are the expected sleepless nights and over fatigue from being 24/7 work at home mom.  The fact that I lost my “sexy body” in the process (which I think I can still get back if only I have the time and energy to really work out) is really a bummer. Having this hypertension I acquired after giving birth is quite scary (I’m now taking lifetime hypertension meds and whenever I skip a day, terrible migraines ensue). And then there’s my face. The skin on my face was never perfect but it has never been as terrible as when I became a mother especially when I got pregnant and right after giving birth — so many pimples and bumps and sometimes even acne popping up. Then it would get so dry, scaly and itchy it drives me nuts! This is why I have started trying beauty and facial products and even concocted our own soaps and organic facial scrubs so I can at least have one less stress in my life which is the skin on my face.

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Jumpstart a Healthy Lifestyle

How to Jumpstart a Healthy Lifestyle – Here are 4 Tips


We’ve been eating out a lot more frequently than usual not just because of lack of time to visit the local market for organic stuff (we have to be there by 5am to get the freshest produce and catch, unfortunately, our body clock keeps on moving because of Baby Tuz‘s fussiness) but because I’ve been feeling like celebrating lately. I know a big part of our nation and the world is mourning right now because of certain events particularly having ex-dictator/president Marcos buried in Libingan ng mga Bayani plus Donald Trump’s startling  win in the recent U.S. Elections, but in spite of all of that, I want to focus on the positive and just celebrate life! Looking at our little family, we still have so many things to be thankful for, hence the eating out and mini celebrations as of late… Continue reading

nail•a•holics Nail Salon and Spa National Pampering Day

How did my nails get pampered for free?

I read online yesterday that nail.a.holics Nail Salon and Spa will have it’s National Pampering Day today. This means that they’re giving hand nail polish service for free from 10AM to 12NN in all their branches nationwide! Well at least, that’s what their Facebook Page said. I put it down on my list of things to do for today. I thought I was going to be finished with work at 6am and I can then prepare to head out, do the local market run, head to the post office for a supplement package I ordered from New Zealand (Bergamot to lower cholesterol and COQ10 to counter the effect of statins I took from July to September), and be one of the customers that can come in early for a free hand nail polish at a nail.a.holics branch in Festival Mall. But I finished later than expected, had to drop by the post office just before closing time which got cut short coz our car was parked at a towing zone and our attention got called out by a policeman so we just decided to do the post office run some other time and head straight to Festival Mall instead.

When we got to nail.a.holics, located at the 2nd floor of  Festival Mall beside Mini Trade Hall, it was almost twelve and their free hand nail polish is only up til noon! Continue reading

skin product review

Jericho, Black Pearl, NWorld, Proactive and Bio Oil Skin Product Review

Being a first time mom at the age of 38 is very challenging and as much as possible, I still want to be able to take care of myself, not just my physiological health, but my external appearance as well.  So the following blog post is a detailed account of the experiences my facial skin went through this year from February 18, 2016 up to April 26. It was first published on my old blog and I am transferring and updating it here to serve as a reference to future skin product reviews that I’ll be doing from now on here on my Momtraneur blog.

Furthermore, this post is not to generalize the effects of the various skin products I used because there so many factors concerned which is why effects on one’s skin may vary from person to person depending on existing variables like skin type, age, hormonal changes, genes, etc.


After April 2016, my facial skin has once again undergone a few more problems and changes . And so from May 2016 to present, Mahal and I have been experimenting with our own homemade soap, body and facial scrubs, plus other spa product concoctions which I’ll share  with you once our skin product lineup is complete. For now, here is the long process I went through with skin products from NWorld, Black Pearl, Jericho, Proactive and Bio Oil. It’s a long read which I divided into several sections so better go get some popcorn. Hihihi! Thanks in advance for reading! (^_^) Continue reading

Black Pearl

Black Pearl, Jericho, Marissa Del Mar Wellness Package – Initial Review

This blog post below was first published on my Sexy Nomad blog on February 19, 2016, a day after my 38th birthday. I consider it one of my most important blog posts because of what happened that day. I learned a lot in terms of not getting swayed by sales people. And now I am more paranoid and reluctant than ever when it comes to buying expensive products.

I thought of re-posting this experience here because aside from the fact that I am in the process of transferring my most important posts to this new blog, Momtraneur, I will also be referring to this experience in the future when I review other skincare, health, and beauty products, so I decided to re-post my Jericho and Black Pearl experience here.

For the record, 7 months after I first used Jericho and Black Pearl products, my skin has already undergone a lot of changes and improvement and it’s not because of them. I’ve tried other products after this in the hopes of getting my skin back to normal. I will be blogging about this skin journey I went through as well.

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