MomTraNeur – Mother | Traveler | Entrepreneur

Hi! I’m Jennie Vee! I’ve been blogging and traveling since 2000 (my very first was with geocities and my most long-running blog before Momtraneur was SexyNomad which won in the 2006 Philippine Webby Awards under the Blogs, People’s Choice Category, and one of Nuffnang’s 2009 Featured Bloggers). I used to just beach bum and travel all over the Philippines and Asia during the day, and hustle in my Virtual Assistant business at night. But now, I’m also a MOM!

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Being a Virtual Assistant (VA)  for more than ten years now (I started my VA career in March 2008), have been allowing me to enjoy the lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of as a child — which is to basically own my own house (After a 10-year home mortgage all paid up last Sept. 2017, I now own a 4-bedroom, 3-T&B, 2-car garage townhouse in Alabang, Muntinlupa City which, after 10 years of living there, I am now renting out to foreign tenants as we set up our 8-hectare farm in Northern Mindanao ), work from anywhere, have the freedom to do whatever I want like travel, set up other businesses on the side (homemade spa products, online clothes shophouse rental business  and our own organic farm), party all night long when I want to, or take months of vacations if I need to. Then in 2015 when I added motherhood to my journey, be with my family too all the time. Hence, the name MomTraNeur — Mother | Traveler | Entrepreneur.

I’ll soon be sharing with you how I started and built this VA business from scratch in case you want to escape your 9-5 job, be location-independent, and have the financial and time flexibility you deserve. Sign up to my email newsletter to keep you updated.

For now, here’s a sneak peek about me:


I’m a hyper-tasking mom, sassy traveler, and adventurous, location-independent entrepreneur. All I want ever since is to share my stories so your boredom I can cure.

I’m a lady from the East who makes simple dreams come true — no to 9-5 jobs, wants to always be with my family, likes to explore different places,  buy or harvest and roast our very own farm-produced coffee I can brew.

I like beach bumming, exploring new places, planting herbs and vegetables, doing homemade soaps and beaded accessories when I have the time; I occasionally help out at the farm, indulge in tarot reading, meditation, and positive spells, so I can feel sublime.

I believe that life is beautiful if we put God at the center and only choose to always see the good. And that there’s always more than enough blessings for everybody including the occasional luxury travels and extravagant food.

Moreover, I am a middle-aged Filipina who decided to become a mom in my late 30’s. I am raising my handsome young son with my guy best friend, and together we’re doing everything we can to provide a better life for our family.

This is my personal journal as a mom, a traveler and an entrepreneur. You’re free to read my life stories (both old and new) and if you want me to give you tips, comments, and suggestions about life and biz… sure!  


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