MomTraNeur – Mother | Traveler | Entrepreneur

I’m a hyper-tasking mom, sassy traveler, and cautious home/farm-based entrepreneur. All I want ever since is to share my stories so your boredom I can cure.

I’m a lady from the East who makes simple dreams come true — no to 9-5 jobs, wants to always be with my family, likes to explore different places,  buy and roast our very own farm-produced coffee I can brew.

I like planting herbs and vegetables, doing homemade soaps and beaded accessories when I have the time. I occasionally help out in the mushroom farm, indulge in a tarot reading, meditation, and positive spells so I can feel sublime.

I believe that life is beautiful if we only choose to always see the good. And that there’s always more than enough blessings for everybody including the occasional extravagant food.

Moreover, I am a middle-aged Filipina who decided to become a mom in my late 30’s. I am raising my handsome young son with my guy best friend, and together we’re doing everything we can to provide a better life for our family.

This is my personal journal as a mom, a traveler and a wannabe entrepreneur. You’re free to read my life stories (both old and new) and if you also want to give me tips, comments, and suggestions… sure!  


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