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Positive Thinking Works


One busy evening, I was asked by a male friend of mine online: “How can you always stay so positive?”. I surmise that many of my friends are wondering about the same thing too but he was the one brave enough to actually ask me. I replied that it’s something I have always inculcated in myself since way back in college. A decade or so later, I am finally reaping its benefits.

You might ask how come it took that long? You see, I admit that in those years of practicing positive thinking, it was not every minute of every day that I had been totally positive. I am human too, I get hurt and depressed from time to time. There were days when it’s worse than the others. I cried, I blamed my parents, I wanted to die… all those negative stuff you could think of. I talked about this before in my previous blog post — Law of Attraction and How to Apply It.


Even now, with all the negative news I hear about summary killings, drugs, state of lawlessness under the Duterte administration, the earthquakes and other calamities, I can’t help but feel sad and scared. And if I don’t control my emotions and try to see the positive side of things, these might just get me depressed for I am an empath and I easily get affected by other people’s energies (this is also why my blood pressure easily shoots up when I watch a scary, horror, sad movie and why I easily get stressed).  But little by little, through hard work, constant practice and discipline, I am  always able to stop myself from emotionally breaking down and I manage to keep back on track. How? I literally stopped myself from feeling so defeated, or envious, or doubtful or whatever negative feeling I was having at that moment. I did certain things to counter them and help uplift my spirit… things that made me happy… things like cleaning the house, watching chick flicks, surrounding myself with positive people, reading self-help books, not sharing depressing and irritating stuff on my journal then eventually on my blogs and social networking sites, avoiding people and circumstances that could worsen my situation and just basically ignoring the negativity in my thoughts and in my heart. This way, they won’t be further fueled and will eventually be forgotten (this is also why I don’t take part in gossips and backstabbing activities and why I have been unfriending and blocking some people on Facebook..sorry).


On the other hand, when something good comes up, I broadcast it to the whole world like there’s no tomorrow. I acknowledge it by talking about it, writing it on my gratitude journal, on my blogs, on my social networking sites, I text my family and friends and I revel in the glory and high spirits it brings. Doing these things place me in a positive frame of mind. This way, my blessings are further magnified and magnetized and so I end up attracting more of these wonderful gifts (whether they be people, events, circumstances, material things, etc.).


Let me ask you this, among your colleagues, social network, friends and family for instance, have you ever noticed those people who are fond of sharing seriously negative stuff about their day or the people and things around them or themselves (“I hate my job!”; “My boss is stupid!”; My boyfriend/girlfriend is an a**hole/b*tch!”; “I hate my life!”; “I’m always late!”; “This day sucks!”; “He/she is soo ugly, I couldn’t stand it!” etc.)? What have you noticed about them? Do they seem to get pretty much the same quality of life every day? Perhaps you’re getting tired of hearing them say the same things over and over day in and day out. The sooner they understand the root of their problem and/or alter their perceptions, the quicker things in their life will fall into place.

Happy familyI’m sure you’ve all heard about THE SECRET/The Law of Attraction. It won’t be that popular if it weren’t true. The Law of Attraction is a universal principle after all. However, there is a certain pitfall here. If you’re not careful enough, you might just fall into it like millions of others who follow these rules and end up getting disappointed. What pitfall is this? It’s the ACTION part of the equation. You see, it’s not enough that you daydream all day and think about having a better life. Most importantly, you must also act on them. This little piece of the puzzle will distinguish you as either a perpetual daydreamer or a terrific achiever.


Let me explain the steps on how to make positive thinking work for you:

  1. Answer the question “What do you really want?” Scrap the things that your family, friends & peers want for you. Look within yourself and discern what is it that will truly make you happy?
  2. Write them all down. Be very detailed and specific.
  3. Verbalize these wants. Repeat them in front of the mirror every day until they sink in. Memorize, internalize and make them your daily mantra or affirmations.
  4. Remember, a mantra is not a mantra if you don’t believe in it. How do you know that you truly believe in it? You’ll know when your emotions are affected. When you start feeling excited and passionate because you feel like you already have it.
  5. Believe that you already have what you desire. Own it. Accept it. Practice feeling this way every day until it already feels like second nature to you.
  6. Start working on it until you see results. When doubt creeps in, counter it by going back to step 1. When you start seeing results, continue working some more!


Let positive thinking and your daily affirmations fuel your drive to turn your desires into reality. It won’t be easy and this is not a quick fix. But when done the right way, you will feel passionate and happy about working on it and the process will seem like a breeze. Before you know it, days, weeks, months or years may have passed (depending on how focused you are) and you are already where you want to be. So stop all the negativity and start thinking positive! Let it pave the way towards your success! Your progress in life will primarily depend on it.



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