Badian Beach

Lambug Beach in Badian Cebu Day Trip Guide

This is the continuation of my previous post, Kawasan Falls Cebu Day Trip Guide.

As mentioned, I was coming from Manila and was heading to Siargao with one day of stopover at Cebu. Since I wanted to explore a place in  its southwestern part that I’ve never been to before,  I did a day trip to Kawasan Falls and Lambug Beach before I headed back to Mactan Airport to catch my flight to Siargao.

So if ever you have a day to spare in Cebu and you’d like to explore it’s southwestern part,  you can also do the same. Check out my Kawasan Falls Day Trip Guide followed by this post on Lambug Beach Day Trip Guide.



After that fun free ride to the falls, I enjoyed the rest of the time swimming in the cold pool. When I went back up, I asked the tour guide if he knows how I can get to Lambug beach, also here in Badian, my next intended stop. He said that if I’ll let him, he can take me there since he has a motorcycle. I can rent him for Php400 instead of Php150 and I can have him the rest of the day. He explained that he has to get gas first then he can bring me to the beach. Since he was kind enough to have me ride the raft for free, I thought it would be a good idea to get him as my tour guide to Badian Beach too. He seems really nice and trustworthy.

Lambug Badian Beach

I didn’t anymore change into dry clothes. I just wore my skirt over my bikini and we headed outside Kawasan Falls. He did get gas first then off we went to the beach near Cebu International Golf and Resort which is 1.8 kms. from the main highway — Lambug Beach.

Lambug Badian Beach

The walk back to the main highway took another 20-30 mins. Then the whole motorcycle ride took about 20 mins. and when we got there, I was in awe of how pretty and secluded Lambug beach is to think that it’s a public beach in Badian.

Badian Beach



I settled on a beach spot under a shrub, took out some banana bread I bought from Red Ribbon at NAIA airport and gave one to my tour guide. I let him rest and asked him if he could keep an eye on my stuff as I swim nearby.

Badian Beach

After a couple of minutes, I decided to transfer to the right side of the beach where the water looks more inviting…

Badian Beach Badian Beach Badian Beach Badian Beach Badian Beach

I stayed at Lambug beach until 3 pm. I wanted to stay longer but I still have to think about where I can shower and how I’ll catch a bus going back to Cebu City.

As I was dipping in the water, I noticed this lodging area (Grandeaur Beach Resort Txt TM 09262789880) where a couple of men were doing construction. The place already seemed half built with rooms and bathrooms at that time.  So I thought that maybe I can ask them if I can use their bathroom even for a fee. Luckily, for Php20.00, I was allowed to shower in their bathroom. Yipee! That was such a blessing.

Badian Beach

So by 4 pm, my tour guide brought me back to the Kawasan Fallas drop off point where I waited for a bus heading back to the city. While waiting, I went down to another beach at the side of the road and took a couple of photos. It wasn’t as pretty as the public beach in Badian but it was relaxing nonetheless.

Lambug Badian Beach



After several more minutes of waiting, my tour guide saw an oncoming bus and hailed it for me. It was non-aircon and the fare cost Php126.00.

I slept for the most part out of sheer exhaustion. If you remember, I haven’t had much sleep since I took my Cebu flight from Manila.

By the time I woke up, it was already getting dark. I reached the South Bus Terminal at around 8 pm. I had a quick dinner at one of the food stalls there. I rode a multicab to SM City Cebu for Php8.00. And from there, took a cab to Mactan International Airport which cost me Php162.50.

I didn’t get my luggage until around 5am. I just got my laptop and proceeded to the departure area and looked for electrical sockets where I can charge my fone and laptop. I stayed there until 11 pm.


The airport closes at 11 pm so I had to transfer outside the departure area. Good thing I brought my own wifi. I squatted on the floor until I fell asleep. Now I know how the people who I usually see sleeping inside the NAIA terminal feel like. This is hardcore backpacking! LOL! Good thing I also brought my neck pillow with me so that helped. When the airport opened at 2am, I went back inside to where the electrical sockets are, continued charging my fone and laptop and waited for 5am when I finally got my luggage. My flight to Siargao won’t be until 9:00 that morning. So I just took a seat somewhere and napped. By 7 am, I checked-in my luggage and waited at the final departure area. I slept during the whole flight. I was so tired! If I was traveling with someone and we still have energy left, I could’ve bar hopped in Cebu City. But maybe some other time. It’s quite risky being a lone woman traveling so I just decided to stay put in the airport, finish some online work and wait for my next flight.

I arrived in Siargao at 10 am the next day and thus began my 2-week surfcation. That will be up on my next travel post!



  • P250.00 – tour guide fee with motorcycle ride to Badian Beach (plus 150 for his tour guide service in Kawasan Falls so P400 total)
  • P20 – for using the toilet of a nearby lodge
  • P126 – Non-Aircon bus to Cebu City South Bus Terminal
  • P60.00 – Dinner
  • P8.00 – Multicab to SM City
  • P162.50 – Cab to Mactan Airport
    Total: P626.50

Bring extra money for other things you want to spend on.

*Please note that prices can change without prior notice.



For now, please enjoy these videos I took while I was enjoying Lambug Beach in Badian, Cebu.


For more photos, please head to my FB Page:

Til next time for the start of my Siargao travel diaries!


10 thoughts on “Lambug Beach in Badian Cebu Day Trip Guide

  1. annelicious says:

    Wow! The nice thing about a beach destination which is not yet highly commercialized is that you get to appreciate the natural beauty of the place. You know where you see the seaweeds cluttered in one area and then you find a perfect spot. Kinda like in Life there’s a mix of beautiful and not so beautiful but if you look at the entire big picture, then you’d realize that it’s actually awesome that way.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 3xhcch says:

    You are a very brave traveller to do this hardcore backpacking (as you called it) by yourself. The beach you went to is quite out of the way and could be dangerous. But hey, you were able to come up with such an interesting article like this. Keep safe on your next journeys. – Fred

    Liked by 1 person

  3. firsttimetravel says:

    I’ve tried canyoneering and swimming at Kawasan Falls but we never had the time and opportunity to try Lambug Beach. I hope to be back in Badian again and maybe hang out in this beach. -Claire Algarme


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