Supermoon 2016 and a Magic Spell

It’s full moon tonight and it’s not just any ordinary full moon — it’s gonna be a SuperMoon — scientifically known as perigee-syzygy when a full moon is closest to the Earth you feel like you can almost touch it!

The SuperMoon won’t happen for another 18 years (Nov. 25, 2034 acccording to NASA) and this will be the biggest and brightest in 70 years so better get your telescopes, binoculars and cameras ready for one bright evening tonight! And for a Wiccan like me, better get my magical spell ready too. Β Teehee.Β 

When I was just a kid, I was 11 years old I think, I saw a supermoon. I was riding our school bus on the way home and as we were passing by the rice fields and the mountains (San Mateo Rizal at that time was still very much provincial), there was the moon so big, bright, round and color orange just like the sun! That was the first and last time I saw something like that by chance, perhaps because I already lived in the city after that and there’s not much opportunity to go out to the fields and mountains to chance upon seeing something like it again.


Supermoon will be in full visibility here in Manila at around 7:21 PM tonight Nov. 14, 2016. And around the same time is the best time to cast a spell. The spell could be a typical full moon spell (because it is a full moon tonight) or Monday night spell (because it’s Monday today). Any spell that falls in these two categories will be made so much more powerful because of the energy coming from the Supermoon.


So here’s a spell you can do tonight as you enjoy the view of the Supermoon. I borrowed it from Athena Starwoman and Deborah Gray, author of the book “How to Turn Your Ex-Boyfriend into a Toad and Other Spells”. This book was a gift from a fellow Wiccan and this is where I’ve been getting most of my good spells since.

Be A Winner Spell


  • a piece of white cardboard or stiff paper (large enough for you to sit on)
  • a blue pen

This spell is to help you win that deal or for success in a new venture – you can use a Winner’s Circle and use it whenever you like.

The best time to cast this spell is at 7:00 on a Monday night.

Begin by taking a bath or shower. After drying yourself thoroughly, remain undressed and go to a private room in your home where you will be undisturbed. Put the piece of cardboard on the floor and draw on it a large circle in a clockwise direction with the blue pen. Then stand within the circle, raise your arms into the air and take a few deep breaths. After you have done this, seat yourself in the center of the circle and repeat these words:

“By the power of the number,
By the power of Fortuna,
All who sit within this circle
Shall prosper.”

Now write the numbers 7, 11, 9 on the cardboard and finish off with these words:

“The circle is cast, the Magic will last,— So Be It.”

Keep the Winner’s Circle in a safe place and sit in it whenever you have to make a business decision.

Here’s to a supermoony night! Enjoy!


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