How to get the relationship you want?

How to Get the Relationship You Want (He’s Not That Complicated by Sabrina Alexis and Eric Charles)

How do you get the relationship you want? Okay, before we discuss that, I’m now on the 16th day of my very own self-imposed 30-day blog post challenge which also propelled me to restart doing other things I love and some of them include reading about how to have a better relationship and blogging about what I’ve read.

Whenever my girlfriends and I get to talk about relationships, I can’t help but tell them how different my relationship is now compared to my previous ones (which aren’t that many by the way). It’s not just because I’m older, hence, I’m more mature. Though maturity comes with age, it doesn’t magically nor automatically happen that way. You have to be conscious of all the life lessons you encounter along the way and actively apply them to your life; You have to will yourself to change and mature. And I suspect that because I’ve always actively sought wisdom when it comes to being a better version of myself, my relationship with my partner has become better as well.

I also know that a huge part of it, I owe to this book I bought from a blog I subscribed to that time I was in the middle of my separation.

I’ve subscribed to this blog because I know that if I don’t get help to change for the better, then it doesn’t matter who I date or be with… they will all end up the same — broken. So this blog became my guru, and eventually, their books. The authors, Sabrina Alexis and Eric Charles, give pieces of advice on dating, relationships, and men. The tips given here have broadened my mind into the ways of men – how they think and act and it has made my relationship with myself and with the men in my life much, MUCH better. It has helped me overcome some of my neuroses (like neediness and paranoia) and it has helped me become more confident in general.

Because I loved the bits of advice being given to me via email (I get one each morning ever since I subscribed to their blog), I ended up buying some of their books. One of which is entitled He’s Not That Complicated – How to Crack a Man’s Romantic Code to get the Relationship You Want by Eric Charles and Sabrina Alexis.

Here is its table of contents:

After I bought a copy online (for $39 via Paypal) I read this whole book in one sitting. It’s basically a collection of most of the posts on the blog coupled with a little bit more stories and insights. It’s an easy read, very practical and easy to digest. You can actually read one chapter a day so you can apply to your relationship every new strategy you learn and build upon it as you read further into the book.

The one piece of lesson about men that I got from this book and that has given me so much impact that I tell my girlfriends about it is that men like to feel like winners. If men are to stay in a relationship, it’s because they feel like winners. And when your man feels like a winner in your relationship, he will never let you go and will treat you like a goddess for better or for worse for the rest of your life. You have to read the book to better understand what this means.

Moreover, the tips that the authors give here are very effective. I say effective because I’ve been applying them to my man and our fights and misunderstandings have dramatically decreased since then and we just understand, support and communicate with each other much better. I’ve also been less and less moody because of it; I’ve slowly let go of my being needy and the relationship has just been more fun, happy, relaxed and peaceful. This is because the tips given by the authors are based on relationship principles taught by relationship gurus like John Gray of Men are From Mars and Women are From Venus (which Mahal and I have also learned so much from… I’m still currently finishing and will review here soon), hence, all kinds of women in all kinds of relationships with men (whether single and dating or about to date, in an exclusive relationship or married or with a long-term partner) will be able to relate to it.

So if you want to have some major life improvements in your relationships with men (and with yourself as well), I suggest you go get a copy of this book. Or at least head to their blog and subscribe as well. And no, this is not a sponsored post. I just like sharing what I know. Til my next post! ^_^


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