Horizon Hotel

Horizon Hotel Subic Review

We didn’t plan to stay in Subic for one more night. But after doing a ton of activities like the Hot Air Balloon Fest, Ocean Adventure,  Valentine dinner by the bay,  etc., Mahal just didn’t have enough energy to drive us back to Manila anymore. And so, with a very limited budget at this time, we looked for a very affordable hotel in Subic, around the price range of P1,000 or so per night. If there’s a lower-priced hotel than that, then all the more okay for us.

Unfortunately, those priced below P1,000 are located in Olongapo, a bit farther than where we already were which was in Freeport Zone, Subic, Zambales. Thank God for the deals at Agoda, we found a seemingly good hotel at around P1,200 per night and that hotel was Horizon Hotel. It had 7.9 (Very Good) rating at Agoda so that was good enough for us. We immediately booked using my data on my mobile phone then we headed straight to the hotel.


The Reception Area at Horizon Hotel

Horizon Hotel

Upon entering the hotel, we were welcomed by the shiny tiled flooring of the reception area. The setup was clean and polished. I liked the two pink chairs in front and several other uniquely-shaped chairs and sofas.

Horizon Hotel

On our right when facing the reception is a small dining place where we can order food at affordable prices. It has a LED TV so we can watch some news while dining as well.

The check-in process was swift. Afterwards, we went upstairs to our room.


The Big Room

Horizon Hotel

We booked a standard room but I was happy to see that the room was big! It was even bigger than the more expensive room we got at Best Western Plus. Our room in Horizon Hotel reminded me of another affordable room I checked-in at in Bangkok, Thailand in 2013. It was like the same scenario. I first checked in at Best Western Thailand one night, then the next night I checked in at a more affordable room similar to Horizon’s. Teehee.

Horizon Hotel

Anyway, our room had a king-sized bed perfect for me, Mahal and our baby Tuz. The air conditioned room came with a small fridge, coffee table and chairs, LED TV, long wooden desk and small vault for our valuables.

Horizon Hotel

I checked the bathroom and it had a rain shower, modern and posh lavatory and toilet. The bathroom was quite spacious and there were several towels available for our use.

Everything looked clean. Perfect!


The Staff

We didn’t have any problems with the staff. They were accommodating and nice and like I said, the check-in process went along smoothly.


The Verdict

We give this hotel 7.5/10. For those looking for a cheap / affordable hotel in Subic, I highly recommend Horizon Hotel. For about P1200-P1500 (depending on Agoda promos and prices), you will get more than you paid for.

Have a happy stay at Horizon Hotel!

Additional Notes:

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