La Vie Parisienne… A Little Slice of Paris in Cebu City 

In case you’re already looking for a place to have your perfect Valentine’s Date with your significant other, I thought of sharing here with you this instagrammable food place we’ve already visited twice in the past few months. It’s one of the top restaurants in Cebu City which will give you that Parisian vibe. Aptly called La Vie Parisienne along 371 Gorordo Ave., we indeed felt transported back in time to the famous French city. And since we can’t yet go visit Paris right now, we figured, going somewhere that would make us feel we’re in my dream city is the next best thing to do. 

It was the 3rd week of December when we celebrated our 100th monthsary. Mahal and I had just gotten married secretly via civil ceremony the month before, so in a way, in retrospect, it was like Mahal brought me to Paris for our honeymoon in the famous French city. It’s all about perspective, right? I know we’ll soon have our real chance of visiting my dream city but for now, visiting La Vie Parisienne more than sufficed. 

We were also there last October 2022 to celebrate our 98th Monthsary and boy did we have a fantastic time! Little did we know that there was a pageant after-party being held there, with some of Cebu’s high society in attendance. And  so, the table we got for our evening food trip was at the other side of the restaurant. That was why I told Mahal we should come back the next time we visit Cebu City but we should try dining in the afternoon when there are not many people around so we can get a table at the more inatagrammable areas of the restaurant. Nevertheless, for our 98th Monthsary at least, we still ordered a ton of food and enjoyed it from 9pm til 2am! OMG! Our tummies were so full after! 

From La Vie Parisienne:

“La Vie Parisienne is conceptualized, owned and run by French entrepreneurs with an eye for both business and quality. La Vie Parisienne, a boulangerie and French pastry shop boasts of a variety of authentic French bread and pastries such as croissants and macarons, cheeses, cold cuts, jams and many other items at very affordable prices, all of which directly imported from France.”

Watch my vlog about it to find out more. If you’re in Cebu or visiting Cebu City anytime soon, especially this Valentine’s Day, La Vie Parisienne would be perfect for French food lovers like our little family. 


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