Family Matters magazine interview

Family Matters Magazine Features Momtraneur!

I’m baaaack!!!

Yep, I’m back from a very long road trip traveling almost the entire Philippines mixing business with pleasure, that is, vacationing with family and ย taking care of ancestral properties all over. Whew!!! That was fun and tiring and pocket-draining. Lol!

Anyway, I’m back online and let me just greet all mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day! Honestly, I almost forgot about this special day because I’ve been super duper busy! I should’ve posted this at least a day before Mother’s Day but like I said on my previous post, Motherhood always comes first, right moms? ๐Ÿ˜‰

On this particular post, I just want to share how me, Mahal and our baby Tuz got featured on FAMILY MATTERS,ย a Catholic Magazine which is featuring a handful of moms in time for this year’s Mother’s Day celebration. Let’s get on with it…

It was in November 28, 2016 that I saw a Facebook post from Stephanie Mayo, a feature writer, looking for moms she can interview for their magazine in time for 2017 Mother’s Day celebration. I’m a first time mom, something that I’ve never dreamed of becoming but now that I am one, I just couldn’t believe I never became one sooner. Motherhood for me is just so overwhelmingly amazing! So, I said to myself, why don’t I message Stephanie and maybe my thoughts will be appreciated and I’ll be chosen? So that’s what I did. She immediately responded and emailedย me her questionnaire that night:


On December 2, I sent my answers to her questions together with some pictures of me, Mahal and our baby Tuz. Then I just let it go and went on with my life.

Then on March 8, 2017, Stephanie messaged me saying that ย the article on FAMILY MATTERS just came out and I was one of the moms that got featured! I was ecstatic!


My first thought was “Mahal will be thrilled if he sees his photo on a magazine!” It would be his first time ever to be published anywhere. I’ve had the privilege of being published before on other forms of media (see MEDIA FEATURES) ย and I remember how excited Mahal was for me every time I’d ย tell him about anything I did media-related so I did this one especially for him. Look, our picture in Baler under the Balete Tree got chosen. Hihihi!

Family Matters magazine interview

Family Matters magazine interview

For the rest of my answers about motherhood, do read my answers below (Jennifer).

Family Matters magazine interview

Q: Describe the best/most unforgettable Mother’s Day treat you have ever experienced? Who made it special?ย 

Family Matters magazine interview

Q: In the upcoming Mother’s day, what is your wish?

Family Matters magazine interview


I haven’t gotten a physical copy of the magazine yet because of our back-to-back travels. But now that I’m here, and in case you want a copy too, here’s where we can get a copy:

FAMILY MATTERS, a quarterly magazine published by Don Bosco Press, Inc. (02) 816-1519 / (02) 893-9876, Antonio Arnaiz cor. Chino Roces Avenues, Makati City, Philippines.

Family Matters magazine interview


Again, HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY to all moms out there! You are all amazing!!!

We haven’t celebrated it yet because of our hectic schedules. So for those like us who haven’t had the chance to celebrate how amazing and great we moms are, happy upcoming celebration! Ciao for now! (^_^)


21 thoughts on “Family Matters Magazine Features Momtraneur!

  1. Sadhna Shanker says:

    congrats on being covered in the magazine. Yes being a mother is a wonderful thing. something that can only be experienced, never described. have a great mother’s day!


    • MomTraNeur says:

      Thank you! Yes, motherhood is indeed indescribable unless you’re a mother yourself. Now I understand my mom more. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. ken knight says:

    Being showcased in a magazine or in any publication means you have important views that needs to be seen. Congratulations on this feat, and hope to have more publications that features bloggers to express their creativity and insights.


  3. 3xhcch says:

    I’ve actually met Ms. Stephanie Mayo because she also does movie reviews like me. She really writes well. Good to know that there are still Catholic publications like Family Matters to promote positive Catholic values.


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