Philippine Homeschooling Hack

Philippine Homeschooling Hack In This Time of The Pandemic

To dear parents, are you enrolling your kids in school this year? Or are you homeschooling them? Homeschooling in the Philippines is not yet a common thing but because of this pandemic, it seems to be the only right choice to do to protect the health of our children. If company employees are adapting a work-from-home situation, then why not homeschool as well?

And so, I’m just so excited to share this video intended for parents living in the Philippines who are worried about their kids either missing a year of schooling due to the pandemic or efforting to homeschool their kids who used to be enrolled in either public or private schools, more so those who have lost their budget for private school tuition fees. There’s a hack that you can do that won’t cost you a lot of money, it can actually even be free!

This homeschooling video is made by Mommy Aireize Pulga, one of my long-time blogger friends, of Pinoy Home Learning.

Me, I’m personally relieved that there’s a hack like this that I can do should Mahal and I choose to enroll Tuz to a traditional school system instead of independently homeschooling him. Tuz is turning 5 this November (how time flies!) and with our very busy schedule, we can only give Tuz child-led independent homeschool learning at the moment. I don’t have all the details yet as to what will happen in the future if Tuz suddenly wants to go to college, but, at least, with this hack, even if we’re homeschooling him, there’s an immediate way to have everything Tuz is doing accredited by the Department of Education without risking our child to COVID because he will just be at home studying.ย  This video is very enlightening. I hope it will also enlighten more parents out there that there’s a way for us to not let our kids miss a schoolyear despite this pandemic. Link below:


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