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Seven Seas Waterpark of Cagayan de Oro – a Review

Seven Seas Waterpark has always been one of my top dream destinations ever since our transfer (A.K.A. The Big Leap) here in Cagayan de Oro City in September 2017. Our son was still a baby then and we thought it might not yet be the right time for us to enjoy what this world-class waterpark has to offer.

So we waited another year until Tuz was already a little old enough to be able to enjoy kiddie water slides and shallow swimming pools. Then Mahal and I can just take turns in taking care of Tuz and enjoying those scary water slides and rides I’ve been hearing about. That was the plan. So last year, a day after Tuz turned three, we headed to Seven Seas Waterpark. Yey!!! And just a week ago, I was here again with my fellow CDO Bloggers. Double yey!!!

On this blog post, I’ll be sharing with you my review of Seven Seas Waterpark based on my experiences in this world-class tourist destination. Read on…

Seven Seas Waterpark

Like I said before, we first visited it last Nov. 18, 2019, for our Baby Tuz’s 3rd birthday right after we came back from our 9-day trip to Siargao (which I have yet to blog about…except for How to go to Siargao from Cagayan de Oro City ). I’ve also mentioned it before in my 2018 Travel Recap.

Seven Seas Waterpark

Then just last week, May 11, 2019, I was here in Seven Seas again, this time, with my fellow CDO bloggers.

Seven Seas with Engr. Paras

With fellow CDO Bloggers and Engr. Paras, (the President and Owner of Seven Seas) right in the middle. Thank you, Mommy Ruby Caberte, for this pic!

The CDO Bloggers General Membership Meeting was held here where we also got to interview Engr. Elpidio M. Paras, the President & Owner of Seven Seas Waterpark. Engr. Elpie is also the Chairman of Promote NorthMin, as well as the President & CEO of UC-1 Corporation, the holding company of the Paras Group of Companies which includes Parasat Cable TV, Dahilayan Adventure Park, Arriba Telecontact, among others…

Engr. Elpidio M. Paras

On the left is Tito Mike Baños of Mindanao Daily and Businessweek Mindanao and beside him is Engr. Elpie paras. The kikay mom on the right is me. Hihihi!

This time around, my family didn’t come with me anymore. And so I treated it as my Mother’s Day celebration of sorts because I got to rest from motherhood for once, and be my old self — just having lots of fun with my fellow bloggers! (I think Mother’s Day is “resting day” for moms, lol!) On the other hand, I have already been awake here for 24 hours. My body was on US Time Zone for my work and in order for me to join this event, I had to forego sleep to finish all my deadlines. Talk about dedication! Lol!

Seven Seas

AAANNNDDD… drum roll, please…  I got to ride the Cyclone this time around! Zombified at that! Ha!

Seven Seas

With fellow CDO Bloggers (Maia, Emem, Lave, JenJacqs) right before we went down the Cyclone.

Happy Mother’s Day to me indeed! ^_^

Seven Seas Cyclone

This is a screenshot of my FB post which I also posted on my IG. ❤

Last November 18, I was mostly with our 3-year-old toddler at Captain Kidd’s Hideout (kiddie pool and slides). It was still fun! The water was so clean and clear, the slides were fun to ride, there were rubber mats in the kiddie waterpark to ensure safety for kids. We really enjoyed it. Tuz and I still got to shout at the top of our lungs when we slid from those kiddles slides. Hahaha!

Seven Seas

On the other hand, last week, I got to try the other rides and rode the biggest waterpark ride of all in the country, CYCLONE, which has a 20-meter diameter,  and I rode it twice!!! TAPANG!!!

Cyclone at Seven Seas

Before I go on with my story, here are some things to note about Seven Seas in case you’re planning to visit Cagayan de Oro City soon.



Seven Seas is located at Barangay Barra Opol, Misamis Oriental, Philippines. If you’re coming from another part of the Philippines, just get a flight to Cagayan de Oro, then take a cab from Laguindingan airport going here. You can easily find it via Waze. It is about 28 km from the airport and about 40 minutes travel time in moderate traffic.

If you’re already in Cagayan de Oro City, just use Waze or Google Maps, it’s easy. Basically, via Butuan-CDO-Iligan Road, you turn right after SnR, go straight, then turn left on the Opol-Bulua Diversion Road. Head straight all the way to the bridge and after you cross it, there’ll be a gas station. Seven Seas Waterpark will be on your right.

Seven Seas Map


Here is a photo of their Park Tickets:

Seven Seas Fees

Here is a photo of their Cabana Rates:

Seven Seas Fees

They usually have BUY-1-TAKE-1 sale and other promos so be sure to check their facebook page (



Park Hours are from 10:00am to 6:00pm. It used to be 9:00am to 5:00pm but it takes so much time (from 3am to 10am) to clean all the pools and facilities so they moved their opening time to 10:00am.



Yes. It’s a waterpark after all with the biggest waterpark ride in the Philippines (Cyclone). So if you plan to swim and get wet, you should wear proper attire. The most important thing to note is to refrain from wearing cotton when riding the slides because cotton can get stuck. Wear synthetic swimming attire instead. If you don’t have one, you can buy at their Pirates Market.

Seven Seas Attire



Last time I checked, food is not allowed inside. Their food is very affordable though, from P119-P179 at their pizza parlors.

Seven Seas

Seven Seas Food

Even the food offerings inside their restaurant, Captain Oliver’s Cafe, aren’t that expensive.

Seven Seas Food Seven Seas Food



Seven Seas Rules


I’m still in the process of editing my vlog of us enjoying the rides and other attractions inside the Seven Seas Waterpark.  For now, here are some pictures from their website:

Seven Seas

Here are some pictures I took inside:


*They turn on the waves every hour for about 10 minutes.
Seven SeasSeven Seas


Seven Seas Seven Seas


Seven Seas

PACIFIC RACER (three slides on the left) and CUTLASS (orange & white)

Seven Seas


Seven Seas


Seven Seas Seven Seas


Seven Seas


Seven Seas Seven Seas


Seven Seas

The place is safe, fun, and exciting indeed, perfect for the entire family as there are both kiddie and adult rides and waterparks.



Anyone wanting to ride the slides must be at least 12 years old, weighing at least 40kg up to a maximum of 113kg, with a height of at least 4 feet. There are weighing scales and staff waiting at the entrance of each ride station to make sure these rules are followed. And of course, you have to be in good health like no hypertension because some of these rides are really scary and heart-pounding!  At least, you have to have your meds with you just in case your blood pressure shoots up. Mine did!


So what do you think? Are you ready to head to THE Seven Seas?

Maybe these pieces of trivia below will pique your curiosity more. When we interviewed Engr. Elpidio M. Paras, the President & Owner of Seven Seas Waterpark, who is also the Chairman of Promote NorthMin, as well as the President & CEO of UC-1 Corporation, the holding company of the Paras Group of Companies which includes Parasat Cable TV, Dahilayan Adventure Park, Arriba Telecontact, among others… he shared with us CDO Bloggers, the following information:

  • They’ve now started using solar panels reducing their electricity consumption by 30%
  • They have their own state-of-the-art wastewater treatment system. This is why all the plants, trees and shrubberies you see around the park are so green and lush.
  • They made their pool water crystal blue. They really spend money making the water in all their pools and waterparks at par with those abroad. This is why they spend P300,000 a month just for chemicals to ensure the quality and clarity of their 5 million liters of water daily.
  • They’re using deep well water, filtered, cleaned and recycled daily.
  • They have regular maintenance for the whole park so always check their facebook page and website for updates on their schedule.
  • The waterpark can accommodate 2,000-3,000 people a day.
  • They have lifeguards and nurses on duty all around and all the time.



  • They will soon be opening at night to accommodate those customers who don’t want to be exposed to the scorching heat of the sun during the day.
  • They’re working on building hotel accommodations to cater to those who want a cozy place to stay at overnight.
  • A new kiddie waterpark inside is being built as I write this.
  • Their goal is to become a world-class, primary tourist destination here in Northern Mindanao. And I think it already is!



Watch out for my vlog about the Seven Seas in the next few days. Spending a day here with your family will surely be a perfect way to cap your vacation in the City of Golden Friendship.

Til my next post!


6 thoughts on “Seven Seas Waterpark of Cagayan de Oro – a Review

  1. Michi says:

    Wow, good to know that CDO has this water park. It’s been years since we last visited CDO, sandali lang kami kasi dumiretso kami sa Camiguin. If ever we go back, I will check this place.


  2. Blair villanueva says:

    It was so nice that the blogging community in CDO are so strong.
    I woll share this place for our trip to CDO!


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