HELLO 2023! Our New Year Goals

A week has passed since our planet finished another revolution around the sunโ€ฆ HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!!! Hello 2023! 

Our celebration last New Yearโ€™s Eve was a quieter and more peaceful one. I guess weโ€™ve been so tired from all the holiday preparations, from all the parties that started way back Halloween season, to Tuzโ€™s 7th birthday, our secret Civil Wedding, then the Christmas festivities that followed and the overflowing food we needed to consume the rest of the week going ino New Yearโ€™s that come Dec. 31, it was just me, Mahal, and Tuz who were left awake to welcome 2023. Hereโ€™s a vlog I made about it. Check it out!ย 

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