mini vegetable garden at home

How to Start Your Own Vegetable Garden At Home the Affordable Way

I’m now on the 11th day of my very own self-imposedΒ 30-day blog post challengeΒ which also propelled me to restart doing other things I love and one of them is planting my own vegetables. This hobby actually started during my elementary years in St. Scholastica’s Academy of Marikina when our Science teacher assigned us to plant monggo seeds at home. I did as instructed and I was really amazed to see them grow!

We didn’t have a wide space at my parents’ house to plant some more, plus I already became busy with my academic life and other hobbies (like craft-making, painting, and sewing) plus I was trying hard to maintain my honor student status so suffice it to say that planting took a backseat. The desire got repressed and it would just surface every time we’d vacation at my grandfather’s farm in Bukidnon. But even then, I was already busy exploring other things that planting just became a desire that never got fulfilled until in my 30’s when I started a mini vegetable garden at my balcony in my own house.

So I thought that before I continue to tell you what’s been happening in our farm, I should go back to my roots first. After all, not everyone has a huge land to farm and most people I know would like to start vegetable gardening in their own backyard like how I started years ago. With that said, I’m going to post here my old indoor vegetable farming posts. The content is evergreen so it doesn’t matter when you read it. The tips you will learn will always be useful in case you want to start your own vegetable garden too.

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