Nuvali Night Sky Cinema

Nuvali Night Sky Cinema – 2016 Pre-Halloween Prep

To all those who know me since way back, you know that Halloween is my most favorite time of the year. Christmas only comes second followed by Summer. This is why every year, since I was little, I always celebrate the season one way or another — whether by visiting the dead and playing with candles in the cemetery, watching horror flicks (which I don’t enjoyย at any other time of the year because I easily get scared — so ironic!), doing tarot card reading, palm reading, playing with a makeshift Quiija board, giving out candies to kids, trick or treating, holding Halloween costume parties, attending Halloween costume parties, etc. These are the things that I’ve been doing since.

Then starting October 2014, when I was so lonely at home that I didn’t feel like holding another party, for the first time I went to Nuvali with a few close friends to experience their Night Sky Cinema.

It featured 3 horror flicks which I loved even before —ย 6th Sense, Annabelle, Zombieland.

And though I slept on our picnic mat out of sheer fatigue from all my work and emotional stress, I was happy to be with friends. I was missing Mahal so much then because we were still in a long-distance relationship.

Then last year, October 2015, I was already oh so preggy then, I wanted Mahal to experience Nuvali’s Night Sky Cinema, so we went there again together with my parents, my nephews and one of my best friends Anne. They were showing movies about pets which my family loved because they’re all pet lovers. As for me, pet movies are not my thing but I was happyย nonetheless seeing how they were ย into the night picnic/movie watching/out-in -the-open-field thing with a lot of other people.

Nuvali Night Sky Cinema

This year, I want us all to come back with baby Tuz in tow! I’m excited coz our family is now complete! My parents will be there too as well as my nephews. Anne is currently touring Italy so we’ll just celebrate with her in Spirit. Nuvali’s Night Sky Cinema will be showing 2 cartoon horror flicks — Monsters vs Aliens and Monster House. I loved these two movies. I even have DVDs of them in the house (I think!) Gates will open at 2PM, admission is free and we can all come in costumes!

Nuvali Night Sky Cinema

(photo from Nuvali Facebook Page)

I’m so excited! We plan to go there before lunch coz I want to buy baby Tuz his first Halloween costume (I hope we have the time!). We’ve just been so busy that we never had the time to prepare for this year’s Halloween. Mahal and I are bothย full-time-work-from-home parents (we have no helpers nor yaya, it’s just me and Mahal ever since baby Tuz was born plus the occasional visits of my mom and dad) and we even haven’t had the chance to decorate the house yet! Before, I used to start decorating as early as August! Anyway, just looking at these Halloween home decors we did last year give me so much joy!

Halloween House

Halloween House

Halloween House

Halloween House

After I post this blog, I’ll be decorating the house once again the way we did before then off we’re heading to Nuvali for Mahal to experience it during the day and for us to picnic once again at their Night Sky Cinema. We hope the weather will cooperate. It’s quite sunny now so hopefully the good weather will lastย until dawn.

If you’re going to Nuvali and you see us, come say hi!

Halloween Witch

Happy Halloween!!!


24 thoughts on “Nuvali Night Sky Cinema – 2016 Pre-Halloween Prep

  1. Fred says:

    I am not really a fan of this Halloween scare events, even though I like watching horror films. I have been to Nuvali only once and in the daytime. but I imagine it would look great at night. Should schedule a staycation there with the family one time.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. firsttimetravel says:

    Watching movies out in the open with the whole family is a great way to celebrate Halloween. I used to enjoy All Saint’s Day before because going to the cemetery meant family reunions and seeing relatives we’ve never seen before. But as time went by, we all had our respective departed family members to visit so we no longer come together for this season. This occasion makes me more emotional because I get to miss our loved ones who went ahead of us. -Claire Algarme

    Liked by 1 person

    • MomTraNeur says:

      Same here firsttimetravel. I try not to be sad about it though coz I know my grandparents and our other relatives who have passed are already in heaven so I just enjoy the time I have with my family by celebrating Halloween. ๐Ÿ™‚


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