Valentus Coffee

Valentus Coffee Review [Here’s Why I Decided to Stop After Only 1 Cup]

This is not supposed to be my next blog post after I took a little break from blogging because of the many exciting things happening to me in my professional and personal life. I actually am preparing myself to write and blog some more which was why I ordered Valentus Coffee in the first place, to give me more energy so I can squeeze in more tasks in my super busy schedule. But then this was what happened. I was just supposed to post this on Facebook but the post got long so I thought why not just turn it into a blog post, that way people who are wondering about Valentus Coffee could read about my experience and it might help them make an informed decision about whether to buy or not this slimming coffee product.

Here goes…

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Isabel Granada Fitness

How Isabel Granada’s Passing is Inspiring Me to Be Fit and Healthy

Photos of Isabel in the feature image were screenshots from her Instagram account.

You’ve probably heard in the news that actress/singer Isabel Granada passed away. She was 41.

On October 26, I posted on my Facebook page:

“I heard about what happened to Isabel Granada just last night through Chuckie Dreyfus’ FB feeds (my prayers are with her). It kinda shook me to my core. Here is a woman, just about 2 years older than me I think, who is so fit and active and practices a healthy lifestyle and boom! Brain hemorrhage which indicates aneurysm struck her!

I’m far from fit. The only exercise I get in a day is when I run after Tuz, organize his toys strewn across the floor, clean the house, do the laundry, wash the dishes and stroll in the mountains and in the malls. I have a workout routine I do about once a week when I’m not that over fatigued. I try to eat healthily as much as my willpower can muster. I more or less sleep 6-8 hours now unlike before. But still, I’m scared. Continue reading