When it comes to jewelry, especially rings, I donโ€™t like surprises. I want jewelry that I consider one-of-a-kind, truly beautiful, symbolic, and something that I will never get tired of looking at for the rest of my life. I think this is one of the reasons why Mahal doesn’t like surprising me. He wants to please me as much as he can and wants only what’s best for me and what can make me happy.

And so, we chose to have our engagement rings customized. Normally, itโ€™s just the girl who gets an engagement ring, right? But as you may know, if youโ€™ve been following me for a long time now, you know that I donโ€™t follow the trends or whatโ€™s considered normal (lol!) I personally wanted us all to have one ring each to symbolize our promise to each other that we will soon become one legal family.

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