Puzzle Mansion

Puzzle Mansion Bed and Breakfast in Tagaytay

This blog post will be part of a series of posts that I’ll be doing about Tagaytay Must-See Food Places and Tourist Spots. And since we’ve just celebrated our second anniversary this month (Aug. 15), there’s no better way to spend it on a rainy afternoon with our baby Tuz than by heading there not just for some fancy meal but to also explore some places we’ve never been to before as long as the time and weather will permit it.


Tagaytay is the nearest tourist place to my home and so most of the tourist spots here I’ve already visited since I was in college (circa 1995-1999), the first one being Tagaytay Highlands with my wealthy classmates from AdMU. It was a spontaneous little out-of-town trip with a few boys and girls to celebrate the fact that classes have just been suspended that day if I recall correctly or maybe we just finished our exams and we had lots of free time to kill… Hmmm… Whatever the reason was, I remember feeling so lucky to be invited by my block mates to such a high-end place which is via membership only and I fell in love with Tagaytay since.

Anyway, I digress…

So it’s really nice when new places to visit in Tagaytay would crop up every now and then and one of those places we’ve never been to before is the Puzzle Mansion Bed and Breakfast.

Puzzle Mansion

We were coming from our late lunch at Marcia Adams and it was almost 5:00 PM then. We had no idea if Puzzle Mansion would still be open since we didn’t have the time to do a thorough research prior to coming here and my data connection that day was very weak, perhaps due to the rainy and cloudy weather.

Again, thanks to Waze, we didn’t have a hard time finding the place. Parking lot was spacious and after making sure that baby Tuz was fine and asleep at the stroller, we immediately went to the reception area.

Nobody was there at first but we saw a sign that says the place is open until 7pm. Yey!!! 2 hours are more than enough to enjoy the place and see what it has to offer.

Puzzle MansionA few minutes later, the receptionist came. Entrance fee is P100.00 each. Should we choose to stay the night, the room for single occupancy is P4,000 per night and for double occupancy it’s P6,000 per night. It already includes breakfast. Yep, it’s pricey.

We didn’t see the inside of the rooms but judging from the outside appearance and the amenities of the place (the swimming pool looked pretty murky, again, perhaps due to the rainy weather the past several days), I’d say the price range for this hotel is not that worth it.

Puzzle Mansion

Once we got our tickets, we didn’t go in yet. We explored the outside first and took photos…

Puzzle Mansion

The P100/person entrance fee to see the collection of 1,028 puzzles made possible by Ms. Gina Gil Lacuna, the Guinness world title holder of the largest jigsaw puzzle collection, I’d say is very much worth it!

Puzzle Mansion

So if you haven’t been here yet, I recommend that you go visit the place with your kids in tow. They’ll love the amazing puzzles being displayed and they can buy later at the shop or play with some for free while having snacks upstairs.

When you go upstairs, you’ll also see the biggest puzzle in the world made up of 18,000 pieces:

largest puzzle in the world

Near it is the 2nd biggest puzzle in the world:

2nd biggest puzzle in the world

Next to it is the entrance to their shop selling tons of puzzles, toys, accessories, clothes and trinkets that every family member will enjoy.

Puzzle Mansion shop

Since our budget was limited to fine dining to celebrate the rest of our 2nd anniversary, and we’re really not into making puzzles, we opted not to shop. On the other hand, we did try their special Coconut Cream Pie being sold at P60.00 per slice. Good thing we didn’t buy a whole pie because we didn’t find it as tasty. At least we tried it!

coconut cream pie


Additional Puzzle Mansion Information

Location: Cuadra Street, Brgy Asisan, Tagaytay City 4120
Phone Numbers: 02-661-0019, +63905-225-0229
Direction: I suggest you download Waze on your smartphone and just use it for navigation. I’m not really good at giving or following directions. It’s one of my weaknesses. Hihihi.

Amazing Facts:
– You can see here the biggest and most difficult puzzles of various sizes and designs.
– Puzzles do not just come on flat surfaces made of cardboard, wood, or plastic material. There are also spherical ones as well as 3 and 4-dimensional designs!

Puzzle Mansion

– The puzzles include reproductions of paintings made by famous artists like Michelangelo, Picasso, Da Vinci, Goya, Haudi and many more!

It was really an interesting experience, one we’d be revisiting once baby Tuz is a bit older to see if he’d be into puzzles like all those puzzle makers who made all these possible. As for us, seeing those 1,028 various puzzles for the first time is actually already enough to last us a lifetime. Kudos to Ms. Gina Gil Lacuna for garnering the Guinness world title of the largest jigsaw puzzle collection. (^_^)


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