Bag of Beans Athena

Bag of Beans Athena Tagaytay Restaurant Review

I used to travel all the time before the baby came. I am out of the house and exploring the country more often than I was at home. It didn’t even stop me when I got pregnant. As soon as my obstetrician gave me the go signal to travel, Mahal and I did so for almost two months straight during my last trimester hopping from one province to the next all over Mindanao and the Visayas and some parts of Southern Luzon before we finally got back home here in Manila. I’ll blog more about that soon.

But since I gave birth and had Tuz, travels were limited to once or twice a month. We’d just visit nearby places and mostly our goal is to eat. If before, we scrimped on food so we can travel some more and have more money for plane tickets and hotels, this time, since we can’t really travel much until baby Tuz completes his rounds of various vaccines, we splurge on food instead! And one of the food places nearby that we love to visit is Tagaytay, particularly Bag of Beans.

Bag of Beans Athena

Bag of Beans has several branches in Tagaytay:

  1. MAIN BRANCH – Tagaytay-Nasugbu Road, Mendez Crossing West, Tagaytay City
  2. WEST LAKE – Tagaytay-Nasugbu Road, Laurel, Batangas
  3. ATHENA – E. Aguinaldo Highway, Silang Crossing West, Tagaytay City
  4. CHARITO – E. Aguinaldo Highway, Maharlika East, Tagaytay City
  5. D’ LODGE – E. Aguinaldo Highway, Silang Crossing East, Tagaytay City

Bag of Beans AthenaThe one we went to recently was Athena. We were coming from Ayala Malls Serin and we were targeting the Main Branch which I’ve already visited before because it’s very spacious with lots of rustic and vintage nooks and crannies that I loved. But since I remember having a hard time parking there and it was a bit far from where we were, we hopped to the nearest branch we could find.

All branches of Bag of Beans, especially on weekends, really tend to be full. Their food is that delicious but reasonably priced (as compared to say, Marcia Adams, with really, really scrumptious dishes but at very, very expensive prices). It was a good thing that it was already way past dinner time when we reached Athena and a couple of parking spaces already opened up.

According to their website, Athena is Bag of Beans’ second branch which opened last April 18, 2015, around the same time that we were starting to enjoy my pregnancy in Dumaguete. So the place is still quite new, offering a lot of romantic alfresco dining spots for its patrons.

Bag of Beans Athena

Had we gone there during the day, we would have enjoyed the spectacular view of Taal Lake amidst the blooming garden area. Maybe on another visit. For this particular cold evening, we got a table at the veranda, surrounded by stylish and vintage designs.

Bag of Beans Athena

Like I said before, everything on their menu is fairly priced so we ordered what we have been craving for all day. Mahal got his usual favorite Baby Back Ribs – slow braised pork ribs with barbecue glaze (he more often than not orders this at every restaurant we eat at). 

Bag of Beans Athena

As for me,  I ordered one of their dishes under All Day Breakfast which I have been craving for all day — Chicken and Pork Adobo.


When the food arrived, I was happy to see that their servings are still huge! Thank God we were so hungry that we finished everything on our plate! *Burp!*

Bag of Beans Athena

After dinner, we checked out the products they were selling and we bought a bottle of Guyabano concentrate, a bag of Arabica/Robusta ground coffee, tsokolate, carrot cake and a pair of their cute mugs. I love mugs! I try not to buy each time I see a cute one because I already have a lot at home, but these ones I couldn’t resist!

Bag of Beans Athena

Then we explored the grounds even if it was already nighttime.

Bag of Beans Athena

Even at night, we can still see how spacious the place is. Its quaint and attractive design both inside and outside is a wonderful food for the sight.

Bag of Beans Athena

I’m sure it looks more spectacular during the day which is why Bag of Beans Athena is also becoming a good location for prenuptial celebrations and intimate gatherings. They can after all accommodate up to 250 guests at any given time. Bag of Beans Athena is not just a dining place, it also offers rooms perfect for romantic getaways with prices starting at P5,600++ per night. Maybe we’ll take advantage of that next time. But for now, being here with my two loves, having enjoyed dinner and then the relaxing ambiance of the place is more than enough to keep me happy for a long time.

In case you want to check out their menu, I took photos if it —

Bag of Beans Athena Bag of Beans Athena

Til our next Tagaytay visit!


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