Quick Typhoon Preparation Checklist: Super Typhoon Lawin (Haima)

Mahal and I love listening to the news and up until recently, it’s been all about the upcoming typhoon LAWIN which is why I want to share this quick typhoon preparation checklist below.  Though we don’t want to get so worried, especially for our countrymen in the regions that will get directly hit by it, we can’t help but feel scared for them and very concerned. We really pray that all the preparations being done by the local government will help them and we pray for their survival of this very, very strong storm.

Super Typhoon Lawin with international name HAIMA, is now fast approaching and about 3 hours ago was already at 300 kilometers east of Casiguran, Aurora according to Rappler (featured photo from Rappler too). The provinces of Cagayan and Isabela are now at SIGNAL NO. 5 — a first in our country, which means that it is indeed a SUPER TYPHOON which will surely destroy most things on its path. So the whole of northern Luzon is on alert and the whole country is awaiting it and praying for its quick passage and little devastation.

Being a traveler, I am an avid subscriber of http://www.tropicalstormrisk.com/. I always receive typhoon updates on my email so I know when and where to travel safe. And here’s the latest email update I got from them:

Manila is currently at SIGNAL NO. 1, so people like us, for now, are lucky. Nevertheless, since our bedroom has been flooded when typhoon Karen hit Manila recently (hugely the fault of the clogged drainage in our balcony), we have been making preparations despite our very busy schedule at home.

For those who haven’t had much time to prepare for this upcoming SUPER TYPHOON, below is a quick typhoon preparation checklist I got from http://www.360guam.com/

Typhoon Preparation Checklist

We hope this quick typhoon preparation checklist helps especially those who haven’t had much time to really prepare. Stay safe, everyone and may God protect us all from Typhoon Lawin’s devastation.


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