Now Vlogging at Momtraneur | Jennie Vee Youtube Channel

Hi! I’m Jennie Vee of momtraneur.com and I’m reviving my Youtube channel!!! I’m so excited about this that I’ve actually been spending time taking more videos rather than photos as of late and scheduling them for editing and uploading to my Youtube channel! I’m no techie and I haven’t created a video in a long time so in a way, I’m a newbie when it comes to being a Youtuber. I also just use my old iPhone 6 for now.

I have a HERO 5 GoPro which I will soon use. But I also want to invest in another camera that is more suitable for Vlogging. I just have to save up for it first. In the meantime, I’m enjoying those moments when I’m taking videos and producing content for my channel. I’ll learn to get better at it as time goes by. The most important thing is to just start doing it as it has been on my to-do list since forever. And just like that time when I did my 30-day blog post challenge, I just have to do it by making time for it… now!

On my Youtube channel, I’m going to share with you random video snippets of my life as a mother, traveler, and entrepreneur.

If you like getting glimpses of what life is like as a constant budget traveler, a mom in her 40s, a city girl turned farm girl who now embraces living a semi-off-the-grid kind of life and venturing into agripreneurship, then tune in and subscribe. I now post videos at least once a week about my journey as a mom, a traveler and an entrepreneur.

Here’s my Youtube channel link:

There are already some videos there both new and old ones from way back when, and below are a few that I’ve already recently uploaded. See you on the other side! Please subscribe! And for those who already did through my social media shoutouts, thank you!!! ❤

You can also follow me here:
https://web.facebook.com/tuscanyhighlands (farm page)
https://web.facebook.com/momtraneur (momtraneur page)


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