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MomTraNeur Featured at Wiki.Ezvid.Com and Connected Women


The month of May has been nothing but awesome for me and I’ll tell you 2 reasons why. I still have so many things to celebrate about this month which I’ll tell you before this month ends, but for now, here are two things that really got my heart racing! (I may be a little vain but hey, this doesn’t happen every day to everyone, so God, thank you for this honor!!!)

Here they are…


On Mother’s Day, I found out that my article was featured on Connected Women’s online magazine. It is an article I wrote about how to market during this time of an unprecedented pandemic.

If you’re one of my avid readers, you know that I’ve experienced some sort of a nervous breakdown back in the middle of March to April because of the Covid-19 crisis. Thank God I was able to come out of that rut, and as a product of my struggle, I wrote that article to somehow help and inspire other entrepreneurs like me to continue to thrive during this time.

Connected Women

In case you don’t know what Connected Women is, it is a

social impact startup dedicated to helping Filipino women find meaningful online careers working as virtual assistants for small businesses and startups.

I attended one of their global meetups last year and I learned so much!  And now I feel so proud of having an article of mine published on their platform. Thank you so much!!!

Connected Women


II. WIKI.EZVID.COM Featured Me as Their #2 in Their 5 Blogs With In-Depth Travel and Lifestyle Tips  (MAY 22, 2020)

OMG!!! I just found out today, when I opened my email, that Caroline Eliasson of emailed me about my having featured as #2 in their “5 Great Lifestyle and Travel Blogs” last Friday, May 22! OMG!!! This is such an honor! I am so blown away! I totally did not expect anything like this! Thank you soooo much!!!!

I downloaded the video from their post and uploaded it to my Youtube Channel. The video is so beautifully made! It even has photos of Mahal, Tuz, and our travels in there!

Established in 2011, is a free-to-use video wiki published by the California technology company Ezvid Inc.

Below are screenshots from their website and the email they sent me. I am so blown away! Totally unexpected!!! And this is a top site from Los Angeles, California with 20K Alexa Ranking, wow!!! Thank you so much!!! They don’t even have to ask me to link them here because I always, always, link sites who lovingly feature me/my blog (whether as MomTraNeur / Jennie Vee / Jennifer Adams)! Thank you!

Again, here’s the link:

I still have other things to thank God for this month. But for now, I want to relish these two above which I consider milestones for me and my MomTraNeur blog. I hope to create more helpful, insightful, and inspiring MomTraNeur Lifestyle content in the future for my readers who are or want to be mothers, travelers, and entrepreneurs.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much!!!


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