happy sunbathing

An Epilogue To My COVID-19 Nervous Breakdown

I must admit that the previously growing anxiety inside of me since the emergence of Coronavirus has hampered my productivity and creativity levels. I mean aside from my own work, motherly tasks and house chores which are the only productive things I do these days, I haven’t done anything else. Before, I was also busy with other things like:

– continuous marketing for Tuscany Highlands and Training Workshops CDO.
– I was actively reading my books and attending online courses I bought.
– I blogged and I did my journal
– I did creative things like making designs for our future home.
– I concocted marketing strategies for Tuscany Highlands
– I planned future family travels, family projects and what-not.

But since this deadly coronavirus emerged and wreaked havoc on every nation, I found myself operating on survival mode: WORK. TAKE CARE OF TUZ. DO HOUSE CHORES. REPEAT. WORK. TAKE CARE OF TUZ. DO HOUSE CHORES. REPEAT.

My sleep became restless and anxiety-ridden. The only things holding my sanity together were the fact that my family and I are healthy and safe, and that we can still afford to live in this time of the pandemic. Plus, the weather is really good when you go outside, at least in this part of the world we are in.

coconut trees

I miss lying on the beach and staring at coconut trees and the clear, blue sky…

After dissecting my anxiety yesterday through my previous blog post (COVID-19: HOW IT’S AFFECTING MY MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL HEALTH), I feel much, much better. I still lack sleep though but I’m glad my creative brain is working again. I no longer feel drained nor emotionally tired all the time. And now I feel like I am back to my pre-pandemic energy levels. I’m once again reading my self-help and business books, listening to business podcasts, continuing the online courses I bought before, and working on current and future business projects for Tuscany Highlands and my Momtraneur Online Services business. I just wish I’m doing these things from the beach. I may not have the free time that a lot of people have now because truth be told, nothing much has really changed in my life, I’m still working all the time (which I’m grateful for by the way, thank you to my clients), but at least, I no longer feel drained. On the contrary, I feel energized, I feel empowered. I feel like anything is possible again despite this global crisis we are in.

happy sunbathing

Dreaming of the beach…

I guess the lesson here is, if you’re going through a similar kind of anxiety just like the one I had, it’s best to let it out. Talk to your family or close friends, write it on your journal… Don’t be like me who tried to keep everything in and solved everything on my own until one day I just erupted like a dormant volcano. It’s best to let it out as soon as you feel something is wrong, through whatever strategy you deem fit for you. Me, I’ve always been a diarist and that has always been my catharsis which was why I blogged about it. And I’m glad that after I wrote that, some of my friends reached out (which I’m truly grateful for — thank you!) and offered their ears and shoulders. It felt good to be valued and listened to. And in the event that you feel like you have no one to talk to, you can also message me here and I will do my best to listen. We can all use a helping hand in this time of unprecedented crisis one way or another.

This is me cheering each one of you! We can all survive this, one moment at a time. Stay safe and God bless!

Hopefully, tomorrow, I can return to my normal blog topics. Stay tuned! ^_^


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