How to Celebrate Mother’s Day in This Time of Pandemic? [4 Tips]

I think this is the hardest time in recent history for all kinds of moms out there —>  for moms who are forced to be at home with their children 24/7, especially school-aged ones; moms who are forced to be away from their grown-up children because of the quarantines and lockdowns; moms who are pregnant and about to give birth and are scared of finding themselves giving birth in overcrowded hospitals; moms with babies, with sickly children, with big kids, with teenagers… basically all kinds of moms.

The pandemic has placed us all in situations that are new to many of us, and for this reason, I salute all moms out there. There is a saying that goes “I can imagine no heroism greater than motherhood.” by Lance Conrad, The Price of Creation, and I do think it’s true.

Just the other day, Mahal jokingly asked me: “So, where to this Mother’s Day?” I just laughed! Of course, there is no other place to go but to stay home. Whether you celebrate Mother’s Day in the kitchen, in the bedroom, the living room, the bathroom (LOL)… staying home is still the safest place to be in this time of the pandemic. Though some quarantines have been eased in some parts of the country (like in Cagayan de Oro City, some malls have already opened, to the dismay of many residents), it still feels unsafe to do any kind of celebration outside. So we must stay at home. What can we do to celebrate this special day? I have listed a few things I would love to do as I celebrate my special day as a mother. Feel free to add more as you see fit in your situation.

Here goes…

Because it’s my special day, I would really love to own this day by being able to have the following (hopefully!):



I want to sleep for a few more hours.

It’s been a common theme of my life that I most often than not lack sleep. I think I was born puyat or lacking sleep, lol! It got worse when I became a mom, a full-time, hands-on, stay-at-home, working mom at that. My body is always aching and tired from lack of rest. Mahal is not so good in lacking sleep. Though he does his best to take over whenever I really need to rest, he easily gets sick when he lacks sleep. So I freely took over the role of the more “puyat” parent ever since. I’m usually the one who gets up in the middle of my sleep if Tuz needs anything. So even on days when I do get 6-8 hours of sleep, it’s rare that I get to sleep for 6-8 hours straight. The result? Headaches, body aches, overall fatigue. It’s a miracle that I can still function at work and even do a good job at it with the praises and commendation I get from my clients. Thank you, God, for this divine gift of being industrious, hard-working, good at my job, and resilient. I just want to share some screenshots of these commendation below…

VA feedback

VA feedback

VA feedback



I want to do one of my long-overdue side projects.

Work from Home

I have so many shelved projects because of how busy I am with Tuz, with work, and with Tuscany Highlands. One of these is that I’ve been wanting to develop a course about everything I know as a virtual assistant. I’ve been doing this gig on and off for more than a decade now and I have a lot to share with those who might be interested to learn and make a living and a lifestyle out of it. I asked, again and again, some colleagues and friends who are in the same industry who might want to develop a similar course so I won’t have to make one and I’ll just collaborate with them in terms of marketing it, but so far, everyone is busy doing their own thing. More and more people have been messaging me about it so I am currently feeling more compelled to start developing this course I’ve been thinking. Add to that the fact that I assisted Mahal in setting up our Online Training Course for Oyster Mushroom Cultivation for Tuscany Highlands, so I am better equipped about how to go about setting it up and marketing it. I wish to spend some time on this special day to start this whole process of course development without anyone distracting me for a few hours. If only I can do this, I’d really be so happy!



I miss eating out! I miss those days when we can just head out, even after 8PM and just eat out at our favorite cafes,  and restaurants, and stay there til midnight! I also miss driving thru McDonald’s, Burger King, or Jollibee. I miss buying a box of cake or a tub of ice cream without a care in the world. So since it’s not yet safe to go and stay outside except to buy necessities which only one person can go out per household (in our case, only Mahal can go out… Tuz and I have been quarantined since March 12), I’d settle for having food delivered.

Iloilo Breakthrough

Food trip in Iloilo – Breakthrough for dinner

However, I’ve also been so paranoid about getting Covid from food being delivered at home. We do have groceries delivered from time to time but we put the groceries in the training room first, disinfect them one by one there, and let them stay there for 24 hours or until we need them. It’s different from ordering gourmet or fast food. We can’t disinfect the food itself. We just have to trust that the resto where it came from practiced proper sanitary procedures before, and after preparing the food, and also during delivery.

So the next best thing is to have Mahal cook pasta for us, and if he’s going out today for some errands, have him buy a box of cake too at Red Ribbon. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll change my mind and order food from Cucina Higala or other restos with food delivery service.



Of course, I can’t stand being left on my own device for a very long time (a.k.a. more than 4 hours). I would always crave the hugs, kisses, and stories of my boys. So at the end of Mother’s Day, as we are winding down and getting ready for bed (by the way, we have been working on making all our body clocks the same so we can all sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time to solve the problem of our lack of sleep… we’re getting there), I just want to stay in bed with my babies, cuddle, talk, tickle each other, play until we all get tired, and then sleep on each other’s arms. I really miss that. Coz for a while now we haven’t been sleeping together. Tuz sleeps in the afternoon; Mahal sleeps between dawn and morning; I sleep somewhere in between. We have different body clocks and it feels kind of lonely to not sleep together.

Happy Mother's Day

For those who miss their own moms and mommy friends, it would be nice to have a video conference, bond over Zoom or Skype, have some wine and cheese, and share stories.

So that’s my wishlist this Mother’s Day. Hopefully, Mahal gets to read my blog post (hihihi). If not, I’ll just tell him straight, haha! How about you? How will you celebrate Mother’s Day?

Before I end this post, let me just greet all moms out there as well as the single dads, aunts, brothers, and sisters who stood as moms too… HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO YOU!!!

“To the world, we are a mother, but to our family, we are the world.”


Have a blessed Mother’s Day, everyone!


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