Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are Down Oct. 4, 2021 – Global Outage!

So here I am doing some work when all of a sudden I couldn’t access Facebook and Instagram. I tried most if not all browsers, but they’re all the same ——

This site can’t be reached. Check if there is a typo in www.facebook.com. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

I even tried to fix the DNS problem. Until I thought of googling if Facebook is down and as it turns out  Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are down and this is happening globally! WOAH! I think the last time this happened was back in 2019? 

So I ran to Twitter for more info. 

Anyway, in a way, I was relieved that it wasn’t my internet connection that was the problem. But then again, this is one major internet outage! I just recently boosted a post on Facebook and Instagram and I got a ton of client work to do involving these 2 social media sites so I hope this gets fixed soon. 

Copy-pasting below the news I read when I googled about it: 

“WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook have all gone down in a major outage. The three apps – which are all owned by Facebook, and run on shared infrastructure – all completely stopped working shortly before 5pm. Other products that are part of the same family of apps, such as Facebook Workplace, also stopped working. Visitors to the Facebook website simply saw an error page or a message that their browser could not connect. The WhatsApp and Instagram apps continued to work, but did not show new content, including any messages sent or received during the problems.”

Here’s another one linked to the whistle blower issue:

“These outages come just one day after a bombshell 60 Minutes interview with current Facebook employee Frances Haugen, who was unveiled to be the whistleblower behind a trove of leaked documents detailing public safety issues with the company. The hashtags #FacebookDown and #InstagramDown are currently trending on Twitter.”

In the meantime, millions of people today (including me) will definitely get the social media detox we all so need but just couldn’t do, that is, if they don’t fix this soon. In the meantime, there’s always Twitter and Tiktok. Ciao!


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