blogging as a habit

How To Take The 30-Day Challenge (Turn A New Habit Into A Way of Life)

I’m now on the 12th day of my very own self-imposedΒ 30-day blog post challengeΒ because I wanted to make daily blogging a habit, a way of life. I didn’t want blogging to take a back seat anymore because writing has always been my way of like since I was a little child. And in the past 11 days that I’ve consistently written and shared my thoughts and experiences, I noticed a huge leap in my levels of happiness and contentment. And isn’t that what’s more important? We only live once so we might as well do things that make us happy (within the boundaries of social norms of course!) and hopefully help and inspire other people to be happy and do what makes them fulfilled as well.

Today, I want to dig a little bit deeper into habit-making. I’ve already taught you How to Do What You Love Each Day, and this is in consonance with that. Do you notice that there are people who always make their dreams come true while there are others who always seem to run out of luck? It’s all about their habits. Success and failures are not actions. They are the results of the habits we do every single day.Β  Continue reading