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How To Do What You Love Each Day

It’s already May, 5th month of this year and I haven’t even started achieving my new year’s resolution of blogging more and doing more of the things I really love! How do you do what you love each day?

It’s a given that “I do” my mahal every chance I get (which is a couple of times a day if we’re both lucky…lol!) but that’s not the “do” I’m talking about here. Hahaha! TMI! I mean, aside from loving my Mahal and our toddler and traveling together, what else do I love to do? And how do I go about doing what I love to do? Below, I’ll share with you a few things I learned on how to create time for the things you love and if you’re on the same boat as I am, I  hope they help you out as well.


I try to be mindful of what I do every day. I make my own little list and try to check off each item on my list as I finish doing them and they’re basically the same things day in and day out whether we’re traveling or not — take care of Tuz, do chores, work, spend time with Mahal, eat, watch TV, do social media, sleep, repeat! And I’ve come to realize that I can’t anymore wait for myself to get more free time from taking care of Tuz, from doing chores, from supporting Mahal in our agribiz, from doing work… I keep doing WHAT I HAVE TO DO that I get depleted at the end of the day, so I do things that I NEED TO DO like comfort myself by lounging, mindlessly browsing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, watching Youtube videos or TV reruns or just go straight to bed dead tired then I do everything all over again the next day. Before I know it, a year has passed and nothing much has changed. I keep putting off what I really want and love to do thinking that there will be more time next time but the truth is — THERE REALLY ISN’T MORE TIME NEXT TIME! Who can relate? My everyday life is a routine of doing same things over and over that if I want to pursue the things I love, I just simply have to make the time, even if it’s just 30 minutes a day! Make the time!



By making time, that would mean cutting out time doing other things like cleaning the house and organizing my toddler’s mess every 30 minutes because I’m just OC like that. If I want to write more, if I want to finish reading the books I bought more than a decade ago, if I want to plant veggies and herbs on weekends, if I want to spend more time at the farm enjoying nature and exercising, I would simply have to cut out time from other low-level tasks I keep doing. Therefore, no more mindlessly scrolling my feeds on Facebook. No more lounging, no more watching TV reruns, no more chatting about unproductive things, no more eating bad foods that make me lethargic. I would have to guard my time and make sure that everything I do is the best use of my time, every single time. Is that too much to ask? If doing so will bring us nearer to our essence, our truth, our God, our eternal, then it should be there on our priority list. Right? Right!



What do I love to do? 

  • Traveling – check!
  • Cooking – check!
  • Regularly blogging – getting there…
  • Reading – little by little…
  • Planting – up next!
  • Crafting – real soon!


I used to plant vegetables in my balcony before and I’d love to do that again in a bigger scale especially now that we have a farm.

What ELSE do I WANT to do?

  • Regular workout
  • Surf
  • Write a book
  • Set up my own VA company

making beaded accessories

I used to make my own beaded accessories coz it relaxes me and replenishes my soul and I’d love to do it again.

There are still so many things I would love and want to do but in order to not overwhelm myself, I’ve trimmed down my list to those above.

So as a challenge to myself, I will blog every day for 30 straight days just to kickstart this habit of doing what I love. Studies say that it takes 21 consecutive days to make a new habit. So 30 days is more than enough. And by the end of this challenge, I will have created new neural pathways and connections in my brain that I won’t even think twice anymore about blogging every day. At least, that is my hope and expectation. So, every day, I’ll blog about whatever I feel like blogging about in order to get into the habit once again of writing my thoughts and sharing my life.

In a way, this will be my gift to myself. I am now 40 and who knows how many more years I have left? I don’t want to be on my deathbed one day wishing I should have blogged some more when I still could. And knowing myself, once I start doing one thing I love, I know the rest will follow. I have a feeling that once I consistently make time to write down my thoughts, then I will be able to make time for reading my books as well, for planting those herbs I’ve been wanting to learn how to plant for so long, for crafting accessories and all those other things I stopped doing when I became a mother. Tuz is a handful, I know. At two, he’s in this terrible stage of being super needy and throwing explosive tantrums when he doesn’t get his way but I think Mahal and I are handling it well by being stern, by talking to him calmly and explaining to him why he has to do things our way. It helps that Mahal is such a wonderful father to Tuz that our tandem is just perfect. This is why despite Tuz being in his terrible twos, he’s such a happy and smart baby.



So anyway, back to this 30-day blog challenge I am making for myself, today is the start. Tomorrow, and in the next 28 days after that, I shall see you here again. Come join me in this challenge and start making time for the things you love too! We can do this!


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