Good Life

Living the Good Life

I am not rich but I wasn’t born poor either. You can say I was born below middle class with my mom working for the government while my dad, after a couple of stints in the world of sales and marketing here and abroad, chose to stay home and take care of the family instead. It was quite a struggle growing up especially when I had people around me (in our little compound and in school) who were living quite a good life. I remember having feelings of envy, depravity and scarcity, sometimes with not enough food to eat and no money to pay for the things I needed in school. Thank God for my scholarship all throughout my school years, at least my tuition fee has always been paid for.

During times of so much wanting and desire for good food and material things, I’d turn to books in our school library (fiction, science-fiction, novels and encyclopedias). I’d read about adventures, architecture, cooking good food, astronomy and the universe because they make me feel less deprived and they help me forget about the fact that I haven’t even eaten anything yet that day. When severe hunger strikes, I’d pick up empty soft drink bottles as an eight year old kid in our school canteen so I can exchange them for money and I can buy myself some chocolate, which, I won’t immediately eat despite my hunger, because I’d want to revel in the fact that I have a chocolate for a few more days. Continue reading


First Time Mom’s Daily Routine


Honestly, what routine? Hahaha! My body clock has always beenย in haywire. Anytime that my schedule seems to be a bit more regular, baby Tuz fusses for several days or gets sick; Mahal starts to not feel well then I get sick too and then ย and Iโ€™m back to square one at getting my daily activities back in order. Although this past weekend until today, my body clock has been on Philippine time (thank God!) I do all my tasks during the day and I retire at night, albeit late, then wake up in the morning again after 8 hours of sleep. The 8 hours however is interrupted by Tuz getting fussy or hungry then we just both go back right to sleep. Hallelujah! Maybe my organic diet is contributing to this normal body clock I’m having right now. I’ll tell you more about that on another post.ย  Continue reading