First Time Mom’s Daily Routine


Honestly, what routine? Hahaha! My body clock has always been in haywire. Anytime that my schedule seems to be a bit more regular, baby Tuz fusses for several days or gets sick; Mahal starts to not feel well then I get sick too and then  and I’m back to square one at getting my daily activities back in order. Although this past weekend until today, my body clock has been on Philippine time (thank God!) I do all my tasks during the day and I retire at night, albeit late, then wake up in the morning again after 8 hours of sleep. The 8 hours however is interrupted by Tuz getting fussy or hungry then we just both go back right to sleep. Hallelujah! Maybe my organic diet is contributing to this normal body clock I’m having right now. I’ll tell you more about that on another post. 

On the other hand, I am thankful at this stage in Tuz’s life (he’s 8.5 months now) when he hasn’t learned how to walk yet and so the rest of our house is still in perfect order. I just wonder until when? Hihihi! 


Our home all tidy and clean… for now. 

Anyway, it’s usually in the shower or when I’m washing the dishes that my mind tends to wander off to this world of conversations with myself. Please understand that most of the time, possibly 60% of the time, I am mostly working by myself, doing chores, enjoying my hobbies and sleeping. The rest of my waking hours are spent taking care of Mahal and baby Tuz, which is also the only time I get to practice my vocal chords by talking to my family (plus the occasional Skype meetings at work). So I guess it’s but normal that I also tend to talk to myself in my head when I’m alone, when my mind is idle and why I sometimes do Facebook Live. And what have I been telling myself? Well, aside from the usual gratitude prayer for the happy and chill life I’m living now, I’m also motivating myself to find the extra energy and time to update my blog more regularly. I did say in my very first post that I’ll have something new here every Tuesday, right? But since I got excited on my first week and published 3 blog posts, I rested last week which was in time for Tuz being more fussy than usual because he is teething . But I do want to stick to my word that I will have something new to post here every Tuesday at the least. If I have more time, then I’ll do more every week. I have so many stories and anecdotes to tell, so many travels to share, so many thoughts and feelings to express that I really have to write them down lest I keep them all bottled up inside which is not good. Writing, after all, is very cathartic and can enlighten an otherwise cloudy thought. And I’d like to start by writing down my routine first so both you and I can get a clearer picture of what my life is really like, day in and day out, on most days at least particularly weekdays. They say that “knowing is half the battle” so once I know how my life is really like on a daily basis, then I can amend it in ways that can allow more productivity in my daily routine. The same way that I have a written guide for baby Tuz’s schedule, I should also have a written guide for my daily routine.

baby's schedule

Baby Tuz’s schedule guide


Going back to my usual body clock, please note that before these past few days, it varied day to day. I don’t know why. It just did. I’ve always tried to get into a more regular daily schedule but my circadian rhythm, for the most part, has a mind of its own and I finally got tired of fighting it so now I just follow it. I get sleepy and tired at various hours and I wake up and sleep at various hours as well. When I’m awake and energetic, that’s when I do my to-do list and when I’m tired, I sleep. Although of course this is further put to test when baby Tuz gets fussy or colic and is needing extra TLC. But more often that not, here’s what my weekday is like:


  • Water plants
  • Drink lemon water
  • General House Cleaning
  • Prepare a healthy breakfast which usually consists of cooked oats which I drizzle with ginger, turmeric ginger and cinnamon powder then I add some fruits like apples, plums, bananas and berries. This meal is coupled with either a Pu-erh black tea or garlic and potato water (all for bringing down my cholesterol and blood pressure)

healthy breakfast

  • Have breakfast
  • Meditate; Read tarot cards; Play with my guitar; Play with my drumshobbies
  • 15-20 minute workout (cardio or weights)
  • Finish chores
  • Finish work
  • If Tuz wakes up before noon and Mahal is still asleep, I feed him and set him up for playtime so I can continue working.

baby playing


  • If Mahal is still asleep and I’m starting to get hungry, I go down and invent a dish for lunch. By the time I’m done, Mahal is awake, we all eat downstairs while watching an old DVD movie and we feed baby Tuz as well.


collage of what I’ve cooked/prepared so far…

  • If Mahal is already awake, he’s the one who cooks lunch for us while I stay in the bedroom and play with Tuz. When Mahal is done cooking, he’d usually bring food in the bedroom and that’s where we’ll all eat while watching news on CNN or GMA News TV.



These are just few of the dishes Mahal cooked for us since baby was born.

  • After eating, if I’m still not too tired or sleepy, I’m the one who cleans up the mess and wash the dishes downstairs.
  • The rest of my time, when I’m all zombified from fatigue, before I finally sleep, I spend it either reading a book, chatting with Anne on FB, playing with Tuz, bonding with Mahal, drafting a blog post (like this one), or watching TV until I fall asleep.
  • Late afternoon until evening, I sleep.


  • Upon waking up, I spend time with baby Tuz so Mahal can prepare our dinner.
  • I set up baby Tuz for play so I can do some social media work.
  • I feed baby Tuz if he’s hungry. He’s usually fussy at night so most of the time I just carry him and play with him.
  • When it’s time for dinner, I put Tuz on the walker so Mahal and I can eat while watching the news. This usually happens in the bedroom. Then when we’re done, we feed Tuz some mashed vegetable and fruit.
  • After dinner, I clean up the mess and wash the dishes then I prepare for work. If I feel like I haven’t had much sleep and I’m still too tired to go down and wash the dishes, Mahal does it for me while I stay in bed, watch Tuz, do social media work and nap some more. Once I’m fully awake, I work until noon the following day, taking a short break in the morning for my other morning routine like I mentioned above.
  • On rare occasions when Mahal and I need to run errands outside, I forego sleep in the afternoon. But as much as possible, we only do errands and medical checkups now on a weekend, or on a Friday when my work isn’t so heavy so my need for sleep won’t get interrupted coz I have now learned to value sleep for health reasons which I’ll discuss on another blog post.
  • When there are monthsaries or birthdays or anniversaries, we make it a point to head out of town. Since we’re always cooped up inside the house, this will allow us to experience the outdoors and satisfy our wanderlust. If travel is not possible due to bad weather, we at least eat out to celebrate the occasion over some fancy dinner or create fancy dinner at home instead.EAT OUTT
  • And in instances when we’re just at home on a weekend, that’s when we do our other projects  like right now, we’re into making homemade soaps and spa products. I’ll blog more about these once we’ve completed our lineup of organic home products.

So this is how our daily life is like. It’s not so different from my life before except that before there was no baby yet and we were traveling more often. This is why we can’t wait for Tuz to finish all his vaccines so we can travel more without worrying so much that he’ll get ill or catch some disease. Soon… He’s turning 9 months after all on the 17th, just in time for Mahal and I’s second anniversary on Aug. 15. OMG! I’m just so ecstatic and happy! We might head off somewhere nice. We’ll see. It will all depend on Tuz. He’s the boss now after all. At least now, we get a clearer picture of what my daily life is usually like. And perhaps I can incorporate some other tasks or habits for better productivity.   

How about you? Are you a newbie mom too? How is your day like?

Til my next blog post!



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