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How to Travel with a 3-Year-Old Kid (A 2018 Travel Recap)

It’s March 1 already? How time really flies when you’re oh so busy and enjoying life’s ups and downs! I can’t believe that summer is here (despite the cool weather we’ve been having, which I’m grateful for, less use of air conditioning at home, lol) and it’s again time to head to the beach and travel some more! Actually,ย  weโ€™ve been heading to the beach since the start of the year (you can read a bit of background here): but of course, itโ€™s a lot more fun when done during summer. Weather’s about to get hot (hopefully!) and perfect for the beach;ย  Vacation from school is coming up for many students; and the Holy Week (April 14-21) seems to be just around the corner which means more holiday break for Filipino working parents. Whether you spend it at home, or visit churches, or explore places youโ€™ve always dreamed of, summer is really the peak of travel activities in the Philippines and for some, it starts today. As I look back at the places weโ€™ve traveled to in 2018, you might also get some ideas on where to go next.

Writing about how to travel with a baby / how to travel with a toddler has now become my tradition since I started this Momtraneur blog. It makes me look back with fondness at the previous yearโ€™s travel adventures weโ€™ve had as a family and it makes me all the more excited to explore some more places weโ€™ve never been to before or go back to our favorite destinations because theyโ€™ve simply become our second and third homes. It’s also a reminder for me to blog about those places we visited so expect more travel posts from me soon. I’m serious this time. This is also the 3rd gratitude post I was talking about in my Jan. 6 blog post – A LOOK BACK AT 2018โ€ฆ GRATEFUL FOR THE YEAR THAT WAS.

Moreover, itโ€™s been different every year since our son, Tuz, was born. Traveling with a 0-1-year-old baby has been a little different from traveling with a 1-2-year-old baby, more so now that heโ€™s three years old! Tuz has always been a hyperactive child and he just gets more and more hyperactive every single year! God help us! (Lol)

So without further ado, hereโ€™s how you can travel peacefully and happily with a three year-old-kid in tow: Continue reading

Sagpulon Falls

Sagpulon Falls: Explore Misamis Oriental on a Budget

Sagpulon Falls is love when you get to explore it here in Misamis Oriental!!! But before that, let me tell you that Iโ€™m now on the 20th day of my very own self-imposedย 30-day blog post challengeย which also propelled me to restart doing other things I love and one of them is blogging about my travels! It’s actually the primary reason why I started blogging in 2000 in Geocities so I could document all of the travels I was doing. Then eventually, most of my travel posts went to my Sexy Nomad blog. And now, hopefully, here in Momtraneur.

You see, I travel locally most of the time that I couldn’t catch up with writing them all down as blog posts. Travel writing just takes so much time which is something I don’t really have given everything I’m doing! Perhaps, now that I’m getting into the habit of blogging every day about all kinds of stuff I’m interested in, I will eventually be able to post all of my travels in one way or another, including old ones. This is after all, first and foremost, my online diary. Teehee.

Okay, now, off to Sagpulon Falls…

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