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How to Travel with a 3-Year-Old Kid (A 2018 Travel Recap)

It’s March 1 already? How time really flies when you’re oh so busy and enjoying life’s ups and downs! I can’t believe that summer is here (despite the cool weather we’ve been having, which I’m grateful for, less use of air conditioning at home, lol) and it’s again time to head to the beach and travel some more! Actually,  we’ve been heading to the beach since the start of the year (you can read a bit of background here): but of course, it’s a lot more fun when done during summer. Weather’s about to get hot (hopefully!) and perfect for the beach;  Vacation from school is coming up for many students; and the Holy Week (April 14-21) seems to be just around the corner which means more holiday break for Filipino working parents. Whether you spend it at home, or visit churches, or explore places you’ve always dreamed of, summer is really the peak of travel activities in the Philippines and for some, it starts today. As I look back at the places we’ve traveled to in 2018, you might also get some ideas on where to go next.

Writing about how to travel with a baby / how to travel with a toddler has now become my tradition since I started this Momtraneur blog. It makes me look back with fondness at the previous year’s travel adventures we’ve had as a family and it makes me all the more excited to explore some more places we’ve never been to before or go back to our favorite destinations because they’ve simply become our second and third homes. It’s also a reminder for me to blog about those places we visited so expect more travel posts from me soon. I’m serious this time. This is also the 3rd gratitude post I was talking about in my Jan. 6 blog post – A LOOK BACK AT 2018… GRATEFUL FOR THE YEAR THAT WAS.

Moreover, it’s been different every year since our son, Tuz, was born. Traveling with a 0-1-year-old baby has been a little different from traveling with a 1-2-year-old baby, more so now that he’s three years old! Tuz has always been a hyperactive child and he just gets more and more hyperactive every single year! God help us! (Lol)

So without further ado, here’s how you can travel peacefully and happily with a three year-old-kid in tow:

  1. It’s always good to know the epidemics going around. Between 2 to 3 years old, your child is now more equipped to fight diseases going around provided that your child is complete with immunization. And in cases where you might have missed a vaccine or two for your baby, then this is the best time to get that much-needed immunization for your toddler to make sure he/she is further protected from the diseases you might come across with during your travels. As parents, you can also get vaccinated against flu for additional protection.
  2. It’s always a must to bring your child’s medical book. Maybe I am just OC but because of the frequency of our travels, we can never really be too sure about what’s going to happen. It’s best to always have our baby’s medical book with us just in case something happens and we can’t reach his pediatrician, his case can then easily be referred to another medical professional because we always have his medical history with us.
  3. Bring all the medicines and vitamins your 3-year-old toddler needs. Or if you’re not bringing them to avoid heavy baggage, make sure you buy the necessary ones when you get to your destinations.  Our 3-year-old’s medical essentials are as follow:
    1. Ceelin Plus with Ascorbic Acid and Zinc
    2. United American Tiki-Tiki Star Syrup
    3. Cetirizine Dihydrochloride (Antihistamine) in case he contracts allergies
    4. Glycerin suppository – He never got as severely constipated as before but we always bring with us a bottle of Glycerin suppository just to be sure.
    5. Calmoseptin – Tuz is prone to insect bites and rashes so we always have this with us.
    6. Emergency medical kit with a pack of band-aid, a small bottle of Povidone and cotton balls.
  4. For the Non-medical essentials your 3-year-old might need, I made a list below:
    1. Diapers – We haven’t been successful yet in toilet training Tuz (he only uses the toilet once in a blue moon and always prefers to wear a diaper which has been brought about by the fact that half the time we live at the farm where there is no proper toilet yet.. it’s hard to get carpenters in the mountains to build a toilet for us but it’s slowly being started as I write this).
    2. Milk bottles and formula – Though he now eats solid food, bottled milk has now become his security blanket. He brings it with him everywhere. But he doesn’t drink as much as he used to before. Kudos to those who breastfeed (I was only lucky for 4 months after giving birth to Tuz).
    3. Wet tissue – A 2-to-3-year-old-child is still messy so it’s always best to have an extra pack of wet tissue with you.
    4. An extra liter or two of bottled water – This is not just for his formula milk but for your child and you as well. In our experience, when Tuz gets tired, he will really throw a tantrum if his father doesn’t carry him. It’s very tiring to carry a heavy toddler! You will surely get thirsty every now and then! Lol.
    5. Jackets and hats – This is for additional protection from the cold weather. Unfortunately for us, Tuz hates wearing jackets and hats. It seems like he never gets cold, even when we’re up in the mountains (he would even bathe naked in the middle of the foggy forest, lol!) But we still bring a jacket and a hat just in case.
    6. Towelette to wipe your toddler’s sweat and dirt with.
    7. Socks
    8. Shoes
    9. Extra clothes – because kids this age still get very messy especially if they’re as hyperactive as Tuz.
    10. Alcohol – I put this on a wet tissue to wipe his toys, his hands and feet when they get terribly dirty, and on any surface he might touch.
    11. Beach toys – We no longer bring with us his other regular toys or books because these have been replaced by my old simless Samsung Note which he now uses to watch his educational shows and downloaded games appropriate for a 2-to-3-year-old. But when we go to the beach, he gets to spend his beach time well when we let him play with his beach toys, the sand, and his shell collection.
    12. Toiletries (Off Lotion for kids or Citronella oil, baby oil, toothpaste, toothbrush, baby shampoo, baby soap, SPF lotion for kids for beach activities or when you know you’ll be out in the sun all day)
    13. Your toddler’s favorite snacks. For Tuz, he now eats anything as long as he likes it. When we’re out, he would usually look for Kinder Joy and ice cream at 7-11, and spaghetti from Jollibee which he calls pasta, and rice and chicken when we’re at other restaurants.
    14. Toddler safety leash – we bought this after an incident when Tuz almost got lost. He never wore it to our dismay. He throws tantrums every time we try to put it on his wrist. But if your toddler is not as hard-headed as our son, this safety leash will be very useful. It’s still best to always hold the hand of your toddler when you’re exploring places or going around somewhere. Or if your child doesn’t want to be held, at least always be beside him or her, or just be a few steps away. Check out the area for security if there is any because you can never really tell what will happen especially when you’re in a crowded place.  Someone might just kidnap your kid and he/she might simply get lost. We don’t ever want to experience that kind of fear again!

So basically, traveling with a 3-year-old toddler can be easy. It’s just a matter of bringing all the essentials and necessities, being mindful of your chilld’s comfort, security and safety and you’re good to go.

I hope these tips help you the next time you travel with your toddler. It’s not an exhaustive list, it’s just what worked for us last year when Tuz was still two and continue to work for us now that Tuz is three. (He turned 3 late last year).

And now, my favorite part… sharing with you a recap of our 2018 travels. Wishing for more exciting travels to come!



Our annual trip to Oslob where Mahal owns a small resort (Oslob New Village Lodge) currently being managed by his mom.

Sumilon Island Resort

We did another tour of Sumilon Island where Mahal and I first became friends in 2012.


To celebrate Mahal’s birthday, we went to Moalboal.



Astoria Palawan

For my birthday and Valentine’s, Mahal treated us to vacation at Astoria Palawan.

Astoria Palawan WaterPark

Our accommodation at Astoria Palawan came with free use of their waterpark. Tuz was so happy!

Honda Bay island Hopping

We did an island tour of Honda Bay to celebrate my birthday. My good friend Anne was able to join us, yey!

Sabang Underground River Tour

Our Palawan Trip won’t be complete without a tour of the Sabang Underground River. This is already my second. First was back in 2007.

Puerto Princesa Tour

We did a Puerto Princesa Tour and explored a lot of places. One of which was this Nature Park.


MARCH 2018

Being residents of Cagayan de Oro now, Bukidnon is just so near so we started exploring it by heading to Manolo Fortich.

We spent a day at Mangima Canyon Spring and frolicked in its cold natural springs.

We checked out Bukidnon’s Pitcher Plant Farm, the only Pitcher Farm in the Philippines and stayed there for a night.

We’ve been hearing so much about Lake Apo in Bukidnon so we finally went.

Initao is just a few hours away from CDO. It has so many beaches lying around so for one weekend, we started enjoying what it has to offer.

We visited Bantayan Island a week before Holy Week last year and checked in at St. Bernard Resort. The last time I was here was in 2006. The place still looks so virgin and so relaxing!

As part of the Bantayan island Tour we did, we visited Virgin Island.

Ogtong Beach Resort

We visited Ogtong Beach Resort as part of our Batayan Island Tour. I wrote a negative review about it here.

Paradise Beach

We did a tricyle tour of Bantayan island. We visited a lot of places, one of which is this Paradise Beach.


APRIL 2018

Oslob Cuartel at night

After our Bantayan Island Tour, we went back home to Oslob last Holy Week to kick off our Cebu City tour before heading back home. This is the Cuartel at night.

Upside Down World Cebu

I’ve been hearing so much about Upside Down World in Cebu so we finally went.

Sirao Flower Garden

It’s true what they say — Sirao Garden looks like a mini Holland, in pictures at least.

Temple of Leah

I’ve always wanted to visit Temple of Leah and we finally did!

10,000 Roses

The 10,000 Roses were so beautiful especially at night! The next time we go back here, we’ll try to dine in before sunset. They said sunset view here is perfect.

Alomah Farm

Back home, Mahal attended a seminar in Alomah Farm and Tuz and I got to be with him to enjoy the beautiful vegetable plantations they have.


MAY 2018

Sagpulon Falls

We wanted to visit a place within Misamis Oriental and we found Sagpulon Falls. I blogged about this place here.

Agutayan Beach

Agutayan beach is just also in Jasaan, Misamis Oriental so we included it in our itinerary. I blogged about it here.

At the farm

The rest of the month, we were at the farm planting our favorite veggies and herbs. I blogged about our farm life here: FARM LIFE IN THE PHILIPPINES – WHAT IS IT LIKE? (PART 1); FARM LIFE IN THE PHILIPPINES – WHAT IS IT LIKE? (PART 2)


JUNE 2018

Rose Farm, Claveria

We dropped by this beautiful Rose Farm in Claveria.

Overlooking View in Claveria

We always pass by this beautiful overlooking view on the way to the farm. There are always tourists taking pictures so we never really stop to take a picture too until one afternoon when it felt perfect to have our photo taken.

Jaco's Stopover Cafe

We dined at Jaco’s Stop Over Cafe in Claveria to talk to the owner so we can consign our Mushroom Chili Paste.

Mushroom Chili Paste

We visited Bittersweet Cafe in Gingoong City to consign a batch of our Mushroom Chili Paste.

The Trading Post

We visited Watergate Boutique Hotel in Butuan to consign a batch of our Mushroom Chili Paste to The Trading Post. You can read more about our agribiz adventures here: Farm Life Update – Growing Fruits and Vegetables from Seeds, New Business Partners and Non-Stop Road Trips


JULY 2018

Waig Crystal Spring Resort.

Mahal’s eldest sister went home from Belgium and invited us to tour with them. We did a BukidnonDavaoCamiguinCagayan de Oro tour. After exploring tourist spots in Bukidnon like we did before, our first overnight stay was at Waig Crystal Spring Resort.

Eden Nature Park

We then headed to Davao. We visited so many places there to really make the most of our trip. One of which was Eden Nature Park. I’ve been there a couple of times already and it’s always nice to come back.

Bemwa Farm

We’re always looking to see other farms for educational purposes so when we went to Davao, we dropped by Bemwa Farm.

Camiguin Sunken Cemetery

After touring Davao, we headed to Camiguin and explored many of its tourist spots as well, one of which was the Sunken Cemetery.

Stargate Dream Vacation Resort

Our last tour was at Cagayan de Oro City. It has always been one of my wishes to check in at Stargate Dream Vacation Resort and we did! Thanks to Mahal’s eldest sister, we checked in to their most expensive accommodation at P12K per night!



Tuscany Highlands Organic Farm

This whole month was spent mostly at the farm.

Mushroom Products

We were also busy producing our Mushroom Products – Mushroom Chili Paste (Original, Extra Spicy, No Sugar) and Mushroom Langka Jam…



Farm Anniversary

We first set up our farm in Sept/ 6, 2017. We can’t believe it’s been a year that time so we decided to celebrate all our triumphs. Wishing for more blessings to come.


This month has been spent mostly at the farm. We’ve been graced with so many harvests and we just wanted to enjoy it with our people. I had a vlog that time, you can check it out here: BUILDING A HOUSE, MY MAKEUP & CORN HARVEST



Royal Farm Resort

We were on a quest to look for farm workers so we went to Dipolog. While doing so, we also visited Royal Farm Resort. You can read about my blog post here: Royal Farm Resort Review – Mixing Business with Pleasure in Dipolog City

Dakak Day Tour

After 2 weeks, we went back to Dapitan to get another farm worker. We made sure to visit Dakak as well. Yup, we’re always mixing business with pleasure. Teehee.

Opol Beach

To celebrate pre-Halloween, we went to Opol beach to be with my best friend, Mer, and Gracielle and her friends as well.

Halloween at The Hive

To celebrate Halloween, we went to The Hive Food Park. near Lim Ketlai Mall in Cagayan de Oro. You can read about my Halloween blog post hereHalloween 2018 – Transformative Lessons and Realizations


When a branch of All Home opened in Cagayan de Oro, we visited the place. Right next to it is Coffee Project. We checked out the place, had coffee and just enjoyed our time there. Their interior decoration was so beautiful! We want to incorporate it to our future cafe should we get around to fulfilling that dream of ours.


November is Tuz’s birthday month so we spent about 9 days of it exploring Siargao which I consider my second home. I’ve been here many times and it’s always one of my favorite vacation places in the country. You can read about my existing Siargao blog posts here More to come soon.

Seven Seas

When we came back to Cagayan de Oro City after our extended Siargao vacation, we visited the Seven Seas. They say it’s the biggest waterpark in the Philippines and we were lucky to have availed of their buy 1 take 1 promo at that time.



High Ridge

To celebrate our 52nd Monthsary, Mahal and I went to High Ridge in Cagayan de Oro. They have a playground there so while Tuz was playing, we were able to have a mini date.

Coco Bay, Hungry Plate, Christmas

To celebrate Christmas with our farm helpers, we treated them to a buffet breakfast at Hungry Plate and headed to Cocobay Resort for an overnight stay.

Luxe Hotel

For Christmas, we had an overnight stay at Luxe Hotel here in Cagayan de Oro City and enjoyed their Christmas dinner and breakfast buffet.

Bella Glee Gracia Highland Resort

To celebrate New Year with our farm helpers, we treated them to a day of swimming and feasting at Bella Glee Gracia Highland Resort.

Seda Hotel

For our own New Year’s Eve celebration, we checked in at Seda Hotel in Cagayan de Oro City and enjoyed their New Year’s dinner party and breakfast buffet.


Whew! What a year 2018 has been! No wonder I wrote 3 gratitude posts for this year because it was just simply a tremendous year full of so many blessings! To wit: 1) Attitude of Gratitude: A Decade of VA Life, 2) A Look Back at 2018… Grateful for the Year that Was 3) and this one you’re currently reading.

We’re not much into luxurious stuff but we do value traveling and having adventures as a family. For us, these things, aside from having each other and being together most of the time, are our wealth.

I know our 2019 started off well with the New Year’s festivities, then became bumpy until recently, but I’m positive that things will just keep getting better. For one, I am healthy now according to my most recent blood tests, all the high readings from last month already went down; I am maintaining a diet full of fresh vegetables, less carbs, no red meat and no sugar so I really feel good lately; we’ve been more consistent in our run at the Pelaez Sports Center and we have so many plans for this year. So expect to read more about my life as a mother, traveler and entrepreneur. Til my next post. Thanks for reading!


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