Soap Making Hobby Turned Business


I love doing DIY stuff whenever I have the time. I love to make beaded accessories; I like to sew simple things like bags, skirts and organizers; I like cooking my own dishes and making my own healthy fruit and vegetable concoctions; I like doing my own party decors; I like making my own gift bags and other accessories. And whenever it’s possible and feasible, I turn my DIY projects into a small home-based business. One example is NIBs (Nature in Bottles)Β Home Spa Products that I turned into a small home-based business in 2003 andΒ got featured in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Lifestyle section that same year. I made organic body scrubs, facial scrubs, massage oils, facial toners, Β body powder, lip balms, etc. and overnight, it feltΒ like the whole country was ordering from me.Β  Continue reading