Facebook Live and Its Possibilities

It was the first time that I used Facebook Live this dawn until this morning. Mahal said that it’s been around for a while now but it was just the other day that I noticed it when my brother Mac used it himself and I thought to myself, why not try it? So I did.

If you have a Facebook account (which I’m sure many if not all of of you do), you can take a glimpse of my life by watching the first few Facebook Live videos I made. Below are the links. I’ll add more as I take more live videos. We need to be friends on FB though so hit me up with a friend request. 🙂

Then as I was in the shower, I thought that this app is just so brilliant because it can be very useful both in life and in business. Here are some of the benefits Facebook Live can give us:

  1. It can bring you closer to all of your Facebook community or network particularly to your family and friends. This is beneficial especially if you live far away from each other. It’s like having a “Big Brother” version of your life especially if you turn it on 24/7! Just make sure your smartphone doesn’t run out of batteries!
  2. Mahal and I have always wanted a dash cam for our TrailBlazer but since we’re still saving up  for it, having Facebook Live on my phone which is on a P2000 data plan with Smart and free use of Facebook 24/7 is the next best thing! I’ll just have to plug my phone so it won’t run out of batteries and now whatever happens to us on the road can easily be recorded and shared real time to our Facebook friends. And should anything bad happen (God forbid!), at least it’s already there online and any of our network can help us contact the proper authorities if need be.
  3. If you’re a business person, sharing your life or business on live cam can help bridge the gap between you and your customers increasing your credibility and visibility in an otherwise crowded social atmosphere.

Well, those are the benefits I can think of at the moment. How about you? Have you used Facebook Live? What do you think of it?



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