leftover food

Making Leftovers Special

Happy weekend, everyone! How’s your holiday so far?

One of the things I look forward to on a Sunday whenever possible is making leftover lunch. And no, it’s not just getting everything that’s left on the fridge, reheating them in the microwave and putting them on the table, but it’s about making them special as well. I love making simple things special! How?

Well, with my practice of living a life full of gratitude, I try as best I can to acknowledge all the blessings that come our way and that of course includes the food that we get to enjoy every single day no matter what it is to the point that we get to serve a feast with all the leftovers that accumulate over the week that passed.

Leftover Feast

Like today, to make our leftover feast more special, I try to make a table setting that pretty much resembles how I think food is served in a nature hotel — there’s lemon water with mint, vegetable salad (camote tops right now), brewed coffeeย (Arabica from Bag of Beans in Tagaytay) served with creamer and muscovado sugar, fresh fruits (orange and santol right now), red rice with garlic chips, and egg. So that’s what I did!


The rest are leftovers… We still have Sinigang na Norwegian Salmon from several days ago, Grilled Bangus Mahal cooked yesterday afternoon, Adobong Pork my dad cooked the other day, and Lumpiang Togue from last night at SM. (^_^)

leftover food

I love Sunday lunches like this! Again, thank you, God, for the food on our table.

Bon appetit! (^_^)





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