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Our Baby’s First Month in Videos

One of the reasons why I set up this blog, from the name itself, MOMtraneur, is because I wanted to document everything there is to document about my being a mom, our being parents to our cute little baby. Because without baby Tuz, we won’t have the pleasure of experiencing this wonderful right, privilege, responsibility and obligation of becoming parents.

So on this post, I want to share with you the videos we took of our precious little boy during his first month on Earth. That was November 17 to December 18, 2015, almost a year ago! How time indeed flew so fast! Baby Tuz still looked so very different here. And how happy and thankful we are that he is growing up healthier and a lot cuter every single day that God gives us to live.

Just so you know, this is how baby Tuz looks now at 10.5 months old:

Baby Tuz


Baby Tuz is Born! (Nov. 17, 2015)

We named our firstborn Eurwyn Tuscany Kale.
– Eurwyn means golden.
– Tuscany is from one of my all-time Diane Lane movies, Under the Tuscan Sun because I can so very much relate to its story.
– Kale means faithful, free man and strong.

The First Time We Saw Our Baby Open His Eyes – Nov. 18, 2015

Actually, it was Mahal’s first time to see our baby open his eyes. I was asleep at this time, recuperating from the emergency C-section I just had. I only saw the video when I woke up from a long slumber. He looked so different then! Didn’t realize at that time that a baby’s face changes as he grows day by day, week by week. It’s simply amazing!

Baby Tuz’s First Bath at Home

This is the first time I’ve watched this video to be honest! After I recorded it, it just stayed in my phone and got transferred to my PC after. How surreal! And how nice that it was my mom who taught us everything. She was there from the beginning and I couldn’t be more grateful for all her help. Coz honestly, being a first-time mom is really so scary! Our baby was still so very small and being as clumsy as I am sometimes, it’s so scary what would happen should I accidentally drop my baby. So I’m really glad my mom was there to help us. Thank you, mommy!


Daddy as the Human Swing to Our Tiny Little Angel at One Week Old

We haven’t bought any baby sling or baby carrier yet so Mahal will do. (^_^)


Teaching Baby Tuz Tummy Time at 2 Weeks Old

Mahal is a very lively and energetic dad. He likes playing with baby Tuz and teaching him things even if I think it’s not yet the right time. But not to fret because he’s very careful at handling our baby. On this particular video, he was assisting our two-week old baby how to do tummy time… to no avail. Lol! Well, as they say, practice makes perfect. So they just kept on practicing and practicing… (^_^)


Our Two Week Old Baby is Awake!

Hello baby Tuzzy Wuzzy!!! You’re so cute!!! Mmmuuuaaaaahhhhhh!!!!


Baby Tuz Making Sounds While Sleeping at 7 Weeks

Because we are new to parenthood, every little thing our baby does scares us and excites us at the same time. In this video, baby Tuz is making sounds we couldn’t understand while he’s sleeping. We showed this to his pediatrician and she said that it’s normal. Whew!


Baby Tuz Holding Milk Bottle at 3 Weeks

Because Mahal and I are brand new parents, everything our baby does is new and exciting to us! Including this — holding his milk bottle at only 3 weeks old. (^_^)


Baby Tuz Holding Milk Bottle at 3 Weeks

He’s so cute here! He can’t decide if he’s going to wake up and start his day or continue to sleep. Hihihi!

Mommy Can’t Stop Kissing Baby

I’ve already been breastfeeding him for a month here and I already feel like such an expert when it comes to holding him, carrying him, kissing him and just simply enjoying our tiny one month old baby.

Daddy So Enthralled by Baby

Mahal still can’t believe we already have a baby. He’s such a hands-on parent (sometimes I think more than me!) that every chance he gets with baby Tuz, he just couldn’t help by get enthralled by him. (^_^)


That’s all for now. Do subscribe to our Youtube channel to get updated with our latest video uploads. Here’s the link:Β


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