nail•a•holics Nail Salon and Spa National Pampering Day

How did my nails get pampered for free?

I read online yesterday that nail.a.holics Nail Salon and Spa will have it’s National Pampering Day today. This means that they’re giving hand nail polish service for free from 10AM to 12NN in all their branches nationwide! Well at least, that’s what their Facebook Page said. I put it down on my list of things to do for today. I thought I was going to be finished with work at 6am and I can then prepare to head out, do the local market run, head to the post office for a supplement package I ordered from New Zealand (Bergamot to lower cholesterol and COQ10 to counter the effect of statins I took from July to September), and be one of the customers that can come in early for a free hand nail polish at a nail.a.holics branch in Festival Mall. But I finished later than expected, had to drop by the post office just before closing time which got cut short coz our car was parked at a towing zone and our attention got called out by a policeman so we just decided to do the post office run some other time and head straight to Festival Mall instead.

When we got to nail.a.holics, located at the 2nd floor of  Festival Mall beside Mini Trade Hall, it was almost twelve and their free hand nail polish is only up til noon!

I made it! Whew!

So there I was having my hand nails pampered for free! Yey! They work fast and my nails look so clean and polished afterwards with no going beyond the nails kind of polishing which I usually experience from cheap salons or home service manicurists.


Because I am so busy, plus we’re always saving for the rainy day (baby Tuz’s vaccines, medical emergencies, house mortgage and future travels), it’s rare that I treat myself to things like getting my nails polished and pampered at pricey nail salons so I really am happy to get serviced for free. I would have had my toenails done as well too but P290 is kinda steep for me right now especially when I seldom go out (except to travel) plus it’s the same budget I have for lunch today so… maybe some other time when I have an important event to go to. Teehee.

Anyway, whenever I do wanna get my nails polished, I usually turn to our neighborhood manicurist who charges only P100.00 for both manicure and pedicure. The result is not as clean and nice as the service done by nail.a.holics but that’s okay. I can redo the polish anyway as long as my cuticles are nicely trimmed. I am a spendthrift after all and with our very busy schedule, I usually just have my nails polished once a month. Sometimes I do it myself. But if I’m still working in an office and I get to mingle with people everyday, then this would definitely be part of my weekly routine.

Anyway, for non-spendthrifts out there, nail.a.holics is a good nail pampering place. The place is cozy and nice; they don’t take out ingrowns because it’s the healthy and right thing to do; and they work clean and fast. They have branches all over the Philippines, particularly in SM Malls.  This is the first time they’re conducting a National Pampering Day by offering free manicure services in all their branches all over the country today, Oct. 17.


nail•a•holics RATES:

Manicure – P230.00
Pedicure – P290.00
Imported Polish – add P50.00
Foot Spa with Pedicure – P830
Nail Art – P250.00 – P300.00 depending on design.

Til my next vanity post!



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