Momtraneur is Born and It All Starts with Building Good Habits


All these years, as I was publishing post after post on my several blogs tackling different topics from travels to food to planting vegetables, doing crafts, to dream interpretation, Wiccan stuff , books I’ve read and self-help advice, I was cooking up this idea in my head of having just one platform FOR ALL OF MY VIRTUAL SELVES (hihihi) where I can share my life, my knowledge, things I do, what I think about, tips and tricks I’ve developed all these years (and more still on the way) so I can inspire other people to build a life they love too. For most women, myself included, it is to be able to balance family, work and leisure and enjoy this life we’ve all been given. After all, we only have one life to live and being as short as it is, we ought to live it fully the way we want to live it — worry-free, fulfilling and happy (whatever that exactly means for each one of you). Like me, I am worry-free when I have enough money in the bank to cover all of my monthly expenses plus a little bit more for some luxury, savings and investments. I am fulfilled when I am doing something I love. I am happy when my family is safe and healthy. For you, being worry-free, fulfilled and happy might entail a different scenario (Traveling the world, perhaps? Becoming the next president? How about building your own business?)  but you all get what I mean, right?

However, as life goes, more often than not, these things are easier said than done. With all the “busyness” we encounter everyday, it can be difficult to squeeze in the time to start building the life that we love when there are so many bills to pay and so many urgent things to take care of (like our 8-month old baby needing a diaper change at the moment, hold on…)

Okay, where was I? Oh right… And before we know it, our energy is depleted, the day has turned into night and all that’s left is for us is to sleep. And for some of us, we don’t even sleep at all (been there, done that). Then everything starts all over again the next day. At least that was how it was for me for many years especially the first several months since our baby was born. And up until very recently when I got diagnosed with pre-hypertension, I slowly, piece by piece, realized that I can design my life the way I want to live it (with rest and sleep included) — with the intention of making myself better, be of service to others through whatever talents and gifts I have, build a happy, healthy family, do things I want, explore and travel the country and the world if possible and still be as carefree as I can be.

And it all slowly materialized when I started building habits… good and helpful habits. (All thanks to this wake up call called high blood pressure. Lol!)

What about habits?

Do you know that habits don’t require as much energy as doing other things that are not habits? Habits are effortless and sometimes even mindless. And when people are stressed, they tend to turn to their habits to de-stress, wind down and make themselves feel better. So we better make sure that the habits we form are good ones so when we’re stressed and we naturally turn to them, our life improves instead of the other way around. For example, when I’m so overwhelmed with tasks I needed to get done, I naturally turn to my habits of cleaning the house, sweeping the floor and organizing my stuff. Doing these things helps me relax and rejuvenate and before I know it, I’m once again filled with energy to finish all my other important tasks. So just imagine if my habit is eating junk food or drinking alcohol instead whenever I’m tired and stressed — I’d end up getting fat or becoming an alcoholic and that is not good at all. So it’s important to cultivate good habits.

These things and more are explained in Gretchen Rubin’s new book about mastering the habits of our everyday lives. She’s the same author who wrote The Happiness Project. And true enough, as soon as I mastered my own habits and cultivated new ones to help me design a life I want to live (e.g. of habits I recently re-cultivated are: 7-8 hours of sleep instead of 0-4, morning meditation, weekly tarot card reading, writing down my dreams as soon as I wake up, everyday workout, eating healthily, finishing reading a book, weekly facial and nail appointments, learning something new every month), things started falling into place in my life. I have work that I love that pays well, a family who loves me back and a lifestyle I am very much happy and comfortable with. And that is my wish for you too… especially for those who are struggling to find balance in their lives, for those who are looking to spend more time with their family, for those who are looking to work from anywhere in the world, have enough money and be able to do what they want (as long as it’s within reason).


Why put this up just now?

I put up in celebration of my 8th year in the virtual assistant industry (2008 to 2016). After I retired from a lucrative position in a government financial institution which I had been graced with for 5 years from 2002-2007, I never really thought I’d build another career. I was so stressed and burnt out that I sank into deep depression after that. Though I got paid a million+ in retirement, it did not at all buy me happiness. I didn’t really think there was life after doing corporate work. I thought I was just going to be a housewife. But through conscious effort of my own to get out of my rut (I read a lot of self-help books especially THE SECRET by Rhonda Byrne), I was able to get back up on my feet and started attracting one great opportunity after another. I started learning again and earning more than I can spend (I’m a spendthrift take note) . I had mentors and other people who helped me along the way, a fact I wasn’t really conscious of at that time, and I naturally documented all the knowledge and application of those learning I’ve gathered along the way which I will share with you as I go along.

I found out for myself that life does not end after early retirement, nor does it come crumbling down to pieces after a broken relationship with someone you thought was the right one for you and you’d be with forever. Life is just so wonderful that if we only open our eyes to its beauty, we’ll see all the amazing opportunities that life has to offer… like my career right now as a virtual assistant. It first landed on my lap by accident. And it was around the same time that I started feeling good about myself again. That’s the power of the law of attraction. The work I do as a virtual assistant on and off all these years afforded me to realize some of my dreams with the help of course of the retirement pay I got from government service. It practically paid for most of my travels since 2008. It paid for my dream of living in Boracay for one whole month in 2011! It supported me when I went surfing and traveling all over Siargao for two whole weeks in 2012! It helped pay for my house mortgage since 2007! It afforded me some luxuries — my first car, house furniture and appliances, my drums, my lazy boy, my surfboard, all these things and toys in my want list! And even after I quit for a year due to my pregnancy, it was so easy to go back to it again because I’ve already developed all these skills that clients are practically begging me to come work for them which I really appreciate. And because it’s a work-from-home kind of thing, meaning, I don’t waste time in traffic or dressing up for work, all those things that ate my precious hours when I was still working in an office, I can do more with it like explore other entrepreneurial stuff.  And this, aside from being a mom and a traveler, is what I want to share later on through this blog.


What to expect?

I am no guru nor expert. I am just like you, continuously learning the art of balancing this thing we call life which for me consists of motherhood, the world of traveling and my entrepreneurial dreams. But I am putting up this blog just the same in the hopes that my experiences and life stories can give inspiration to others out there who are having a hard time with life — those who wish to strike a balance between family and work, those who want to find information about travels and those who wish to explore the world of being self-employed. Hence the name of this blog MOMTRANEUR – for those wishing to be moms/travelers/entrepreneurs. And again, it all starts with cultivating good habits. I’ll tackle this topic again in one of my future blog posts which I foresee to be a hodgepodge of my never been published thoughts, travels and life experiences  plus previously published related posts from my former blogs which  I’ll be transferring here.

So you could be a fresh graduate, or a mom who wants to get back in the workforce, or a long-time employee looking for another career in the home front. If this is you, then this blog might interest you. Check me out everyday and I’ll have something new for you. (^_^) I am an introvert after all and the lack of real life personal interactions with other people, I compensate by writing down my thoughts. It’s almost like talking to a close friend actually. It’s cathartic.

Welcome and see you!




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