letting go

The Power of Letting Go

I just received good news when I woke up this morning! I was on the way out of the bathroom when my phone rang. My phone rarely rings because people rarely call me since they can always contact me online. In a split second, I thought it was Leylan, the electrician who fixed the electrical wiring in the bedroom yesterday who said he will come back today to fix our broken washing machine. But when I looked at my phone… guess who??? It’s my lawyer!

I first met him back in February after much research on who do I hire to annul my marriage. He was recommended by a friend of a friend whom he helped annul their marriage. So I met with him and the following day I hired him. It was supposed to be a very quick process since I was willing to pay a big amount of money just to get it over with as quickly as possible. But months passed and I would ask for an update, but still, there’s no movement on my case. I was advised by the friend of my friend who recommended him that I call or visit him every week. But I didn’t have the time. His office is very far from my place. I’m also not a person who likes to talk on the phone, much more someone who will make “sipsip” just to get things done a lot quicker… This is actually one of the reasons why I quit government service before… because I don’t like politicking and rubbing shoulders with influential people just to get my way.

Anyway, I’d rather text my lawyer than call, at least the texts are documented on my phone. And on those few times I attempted to call him, I just got stressed coz there seems to be no movement on my case at all. Then soon after that, every time I’d think about my lawyer and whatever happened to my case, my blood pressure would shoot up and I would get stressed. Baaad!

So early this week, I stopped stressing about it. I let the bad feeling associated with my annulment case go. I lifted it up to God and told him, “Lord, kayo na po ang bahala (I leave it all up to you). If it’s meant to happen, then it will happen by Your Grace. I just hope I didn’t get scammed with the money I paid.”

letting go

Then I went about my daily life, as busy as it is, and continued my practice of focusing on the positive things. Then voila — my lawyer called! Finally, I’m going to have a hearing date! I’ll be visiting the Hall of Justice and the Fiscal’s Office next week so I better prepare my next round of payment. After that, my hearing will be scheduled. I’m so scared and excited at the same time! I’ve never done anything like this before. I really pray it all works out, for baby Tuz’s sake. I know it will.

Time and time again in my life, when I let go of something I really really want, the more I get to attract it. Like that time I let go of acting, the more acting jobs came my way; that time I let go of true love, the more I attracted it, hence a life with my dear best friend now; that time I let go of having a baby and accepting the fact that I may be barren, baby Tuz came into our life; that time I let go of earning more money so I can afford to get annulled and pay for my house mortgage, I actually earned my first million and was able to hire a lawyer and got my house back from the bank; and so on and so forth.

Like what I learned in the practice of Buddhism in Taiwan, detachment is the key to life. When you detach yourself from life itself, the more you will have and get it.

I hope writing about this helps you in some way.

Have a beautiful rainy Friday morning!


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