White Label Premium Placenta

My White Label Premium Placenta Skin Care Journey

Becoming a mother really entails a lot of sacrifices. There are the expected sleepless nights and over fatigue from being 24/7 work at home mom.  The fact that I lost my “sexy body” in the process (which I think I can still get back if only I have the time and energy to really work out) is really a bummer. Having this hypertension I acquired after giving birth is quite scary (I’m now taking lifetime hypertension meds and whenever I skip a day, terrible migraines ensue). And then there’s my face. The skin on my face was never perfect but it has never been as terrible as when I became a mother especially when I got pregnant and right after giving birth — so many pimples and bumps and sometimes even acne popping up. Then it would get so dry, scaly and itchy it drives me nuts! This is why I have started trying beauty and facial products and even concocted our own soaps and organic facial scrubs so I can at least have one less stress in my life which is the skin on my face.

It got healed for a while until the big move we did here down south. If you’ve read my previous blog post on depression and suicide, I was really under so much stress. Add that to the equation of motherhood, and boom — pimply, bumpy, scaly skin followed. Even the application of makeup couldn’t hide the imperfections.

pimply, bumpy, dry face

The usual organic soap and scrubs I use no longer worked. Even Diane 35 which I have been using for more than a year now is no longer doing its job on my face. I tried Maxipeel, Ponds, Garnier… all to no avail. And this made me even a lot more stressed.

pimply, scaly, dry face



As I was pondering on what product to try next, Abigail Yatco of http://www.dbeauteebox.com.ph/ messaged me on my Facebook Page. She said she was searching for some beauty bloggers on the internet to try their products for free when she found me.

White Label

I thought, how timely! I was really ready to try anything. After all, what do I have to lose? The skin on my face is already a terrible mess. It would be a blessing if their products work on me. But what gave me a ray of hope was when she mentioned that their products are hypoallergenic, with no harmful ingredients like perfume, colorings, and parabens. That got me excited! Their shop has a branch in Cinderella in Alabang Town Center. How near would it have been if we still live in Alabang. So I told her I’m now based in Mindanao and after verifying that I’m not a Muslim (because their products have placenta serum for anti-aging and skin lightening which she said Muslims don’t use), she immediately shipped to my address 3 of their White Label Premium Placenta products:

White Label Premium Placenta


A skin whitening series containing 100% Japanese-made placenta extract.
Regenerate your skin to be as soft, bright & clear as a baby’s skin!

White Label Premium Placenta Facial Foam/Wash (110g)

This facial product gently caresses skin with a silky foam that completely removes deep-seated dirt and excess oil without stripping the skin’s moisture. melanin is trapped and removed with every wash.

How to use: Wet face with water. Put a small amount onto your palm and rub to create lather. Rinse.

White Label Premium Placenta Cleansing Gel (120g)

This facial product removes stubborn dirt and makeup in no time! Highly recommended for sensitive skin. Safe to use even on eyelash extensions.

How to use: To remove makeup, gently massage an appropriate amount of gel in circular motion to blend the gel with your makeup. Rinse it off with cold or warm water.

White Label Premium Placenta BB Cream (28G)

This facial product whitens and nourishes the skin; SPF 25 for sun protection; hyaluronic acid and collagen for elasticity. It covers up and treats blemishes and imperfections. AVAILABLE IN 2 SHADES: Natural Beige and Ochre.

How to use: Squeeze a pea-sized amount onto your fingertips and gently spread it to your entire face.

She would also want to send me their moisturizer but it was out of stock at that time.

The Start of My New Skin Care Routine with White Label Premium Placenta

So anyway, I started using the 3 products and I documented the results on my Facebook Timeline and Instagram the first 4 days of usage:

Day 1

White Label Premium Placenta

Day 2

White Label Premium Placenta

Day 3

White Label Premium Placenta

Day 4

White Label Premium Placenta

My skin got better. Lesser bumps and pimples popped up. My pores started to tighten and my skin sort of lightened despite my exposure to the sun. I guess the placenta serum was really doing its job in making the skin on my face like that of a baby’s!

I continued using it for a week. Then we had to go to the farm up in the mountains. We stayed a bit longer than expected. I forgot to bring the products with me. And because that was the same time that my annulment lawyer contacted me which caused me a lot of stress, add to that the fact that my depression was starting to sink in, my face started getting bumpy, pimply, dry and scaly again. Around this time, Abby messaged me to ask about the products. I told her they were doing wonders to my skin when I was using them. But then it got a bit dry, then we went to the mountains and I stopped using them. She asked me to just continue using the products because the products are hypoallergenic and will improve the look of my skin. She said she will also send me a bottle of their toner to help remove the dryness. Their moisturizer is still out of stock because of the sale they were having.

So, as soon as we got back to our little home down the mountains, I used the White Label Premium Placenta products again. I took a video of myself using the products:

After 2 days, the toner arrived. It really worked its magic on my skin. Immediately, the dryness disappeared and my skin felt smooth.

White Label Premium Placenta Essence / Toner

White Label Premium Placenta

Their toner is a luxurious, quick-absorbing, non-greasy face and neck toner. It penetrates deeply into your skin to rehydrate, moisturize and treat darkened skin caused by daily exposure to the sun.

How to use: Pour a reasonable amount onto your palm and gently tap onto your skin. Use twice daily, morning and night.

I got so excited when the toner arrived that I took a video of myself:


How’s my Face Now?

I’ve been using all 4 products for a total of about a month now. My skin is very sensitive and doesn’t take new products well. It takes time before I see any real results. Amazingly, when I used it the first week, I already saw little improvements. Then I inadvertently stopped because I forgot to bring the products up the mountains. I immediately saw the effects of not using it and it’s not good. Now that I’ve been using it for 2 consecutive weeks after that, my skin looks better. Here’s me when I woke up the other day.

White Label premium Placenta

White Label premium Placenta White Label premium Placenta

The blemishes from previous breakouts have lightened, the scales are gone, the pores now look smaller, the skin has tightened and lightened despite sun exposure.

Here’s me with their BB Cream and makeup:

White Label Premium Placenta

White Label Premium Placenta White Label Premium Placenta

Few pimples and bumps would still pop up especially now that I’m having my period but at least it’s not as worse as before. In fact, it has really gotten better!

Here’s a final video of myself to show you the proper use of all four White Label Premium Placenta skincare products:


My TakeAway

If your skin is sensitive like mine, you can try White Label Premium Placenta products too.

White Label Premium Placenta

They are on sale up to 15% off until Nov. 6 at Cinderella in Alabang Town Center. Each product is priced between P500-P800, really affordable to think the amount of each product is more than 100ml/100g. Try them now and see the placenta serum work its magic on your face too.

White Label Premium Placenta

To see more of what they offer and buy their products online,  just head to their website: http://www.dbeauteebox.com.ph/ or Facebook Page: https://web.facebook.com/white.label.premium.ph.official/?_rdc=1&_rdr

Happy shopping! Have a happy White Label Premium Placenta skin care journey!


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  1. Shubhada Bhide says:

    I have heard but good things about this product, and it really interesting. It leaves your skin so soft and smooth. I will definitely check this out.


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