How to Grow Eggplant

How to Grow Eggplants the Easy Way

How to Grow Eggplants the Easy Way? Okay, before that, I’m now on the 19th day of my very own self-imposed 30-day blog post challenge which also propelled me to restart doing other things I love and one of them is planting my own vegetables. This hobby actually started during my elementary years in St. Scholastica’s Academy of Marikina when our Science teacher assigned us to plant monggo seeds at home. I did as instructed and I was really amazed to see them grow!

Now, one of my favorite vegetables aside from tomato and okra is eggplant. Growing eggplants use pretty much the same procedure as growing tomatoes. I actually planted my eggplant seeds the same time I planted my okra seeds and tomato seeds. As my tomato and okra seeds were starting to grow only after a week, there was still no visible sign of eggplant sprouts so I just let it grow in its own pace.

Here’s how you do it:



  • Soil – You can use a soilless mix which I bought from Ace Hardware. Here at the farm, we use a mixture of regular farm soil, chicken dung and vermicast.
  • Pots – I used old ice cream bins where I punch holes underneath for proper drainage. These days, I pretty much recycle any empty can or bin I can use for potting my plants. This way, we get to reduce trash in our home.
  • Eggplant Seeds – I bought a pack at National Bookstore.

mini vegetable garden at home



  • Get your pot and fill it with soil, up to 3/4 of the pot.
  • Water the soil well so it settles and becomes a bit packed.
  • Get some eggplant seeds and just scatter them on your pot.
  • Put another layer of the soilless pot mix such that the seeds are about 1/4 inch deep from the surface.
  • Water the soil again, just enough to keep it moist.
  • Place the potted seeds in an area where there’s heat but out of direct sunlight at first, like our indoor garden. Once it starts showing true leaves, you can begin putting the pots outside to catch the sunlight.
  • Wait for the seedlings to grow.

Growing vegetables is really one of the best things you can do to help you relax. At least, that’s what it does for me. Looking at them is one of the first things I do after I wake up. It just sets a better mood for my entire day. Happy planting! ^_^


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