SnR Members' Treat 2019

S&R Members’ Treat 2019 and Online Giveaway

On Sept. 9, I received an invitation from Ms. Maria Irene Aserios of to attend the S&R Members’ Treat Bloggers’ Meet which was held last Sept. 14, 2019, at 9AM Philippine time. I was excited! I’ve been a member since 2002 when I was still living in Quezon City and the last time we visited their branch here in Cagayan de Oro was when we bought that big hospital toy for Tuz. I was excited to come back and know the exciting updates about our favorite warehouse membership shopping club!

SnR Members' Treat 2019

So we got there at the Cagayan de Oro branch early, a little after 8 AM. This particular branch is located in Zone 5, Barangay Kauswagan Butuan-CDO-Iligan Road, Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental Philippines with Telephone Number +63(088) 880.9999.

Because their hours of operation are normally from 9AM – 5PM, we expected that their gates are still closed. After talking to the guard about the event we’re attending inside their premises, they let us in.

We took some initial pictures prior to the bloggers’ meet and we started enjoying ourselves.

SnR Members' Treat 2019

Some bloggers were already there. Staff from S&R were already setting up the stage. They have this cute sofa surrounded by so many exciting products that Tuz and I had a little photo op in there. We can already feel the Christmas festivities as early as September!

SnR Members' Treat 2019

By 9AM, the program started.

This is the first blog event I attended that incorporated games and I was more than excited to join! So many exciting prizes were at stake!

SnR Members' Treat 2019

The first game was Fact or Bluff. We were divided into groups of 3 and the hosts gave a series of trivia for which we were to answer whether that piece of trivia was a bluff or a fact. To make the long story short, our group won this round!!! OMG!!!!!! Weee!!! I was so ecstatic!!! I won electronic gift certificates (EGC) worth P1000. So happpppeeeeee!!!!

SnR Members' Treat 2019

A few more games were played and other bloggers won as well, the most exciting of which was the one entitled “If The Price is Right”. We were to choose a shopping cart filled with S&R goodies and we needed to guess the price. Three bloggers won and each of them brought home everything inside the shopping cart of their choice valued at P5000++ to P7000++. OMG!!!! HOW LUCKY!!!!

SnR Members' Treat 2019

What a day of blessings indeed!!!

Then it was eating time! How timely that I was actually craving for their pizza, pasta, and fries since last week! And those were the exact food they served us. Yummmmmeeehhhhh!!!! Craving satisfied indeed. The universe is really being so good to me. ❤

SnR Members' Treat 2019

I got a total of P2,000 gift certificate for this event so we immediately used it to shop. I can’t wait anymore until the actual Members’ Treat on Sept. 25-29 because there are a few things I want to buy right then and there and… Tuz was with us! Who can say no to his plea of having us buy him a toy?! So of course, we shopped! Teehee!

SnR Members' Treat 2019

He really loved his new Construction Site Playset so much that he brought it with him when we went to Initao and Opol that day…

Lasang, Initao

We will just come back during heir grand sale. So, speaking of S&R’s grand sale —

S&R will have a Members’ Treat sale on Sept. 25-29, 8am-10pm so mark your calendar! This is in all of their clubs/branches nationwide.

  • BUY 1 TAKE 1, 50% OFF, and BIG SAVINGS – imported brands, great finds, bulk buys
  • Sign up if not yet a member. Renew membership if card is expired.
  • Membership renewals may also be done at any checkout counters.
  • Member can bring up to 3 non-members (children ages 17 and below are not counted)

They also have an ONLINE GIVEAWAY! Want to join? Head over to my Instagram post for the mechanics:

S&R Members' Treat 2019 and Online Giveaway

It was really such a fun morning for me and my family! We had a full day of activities as we also went to Naawan to do an ocular of one of Mahal’s mom’s huge lands which they are putting up for sale, and we also celebrated Mahal and I’s 61st Monthsary as a couple. I feel so blessed despite the struggles I’ve been having lately. Life is good and God is great. ❤ ❤ ❤

61st Monthsary at Panagatan

We had early dinner at Panagatan in Opol before going home, and Tuz asked his dada to set up his new toy there on our table. He really loved it!

There are still some other things I want to buy at S&R so we’ll just come back there sometime between Sept. 25-29 (since we’ll also be heading to Bukidnon that same weekend for the Techstars Startup Weekend — I’m so excited!!!) Can’t wait to see what items they will have at 50% off!!! Hoping to buy some stuff for our new office!!!

Don’t miss S&R’s Members’ Treat sale! See you there! ^_^


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