YouGov Survey – Is It Legit? Yes! They’re the Survey Company That Really Pays!

If you want to skip reading my blog post and get on to registering at YouGov for free, just head to this link:



Are you familiar with the law of attraction? I’ve been applying it to the best of my ability since I learned about it in 2008. It was this law that gave me the courage to quit the high-paying government job I had for 5 years at that time because I wasn’t happy about it anymore and it was taking the life out of me despite earning 100k-250K a month (depending on the schedule of bonuses and RATA)… yes, I was only 24 years old and I was already earning that much, but I let all that go…  It was this law that propelled me to believe that there is life after the corporate world; it was this law of attraction that led me to my first million pesos in cold hard cash a few months after I retired from the government in 2007; it was this law that led me to this this laptop, VA and online lifestyle I’ve been living for almost 12 years now which financially helped me with so many  other things — buy my own house, buy my first car, set up a mushroom farm in the mountains, beach bum and take long vacations whenever I want to, finally have a baby the moment I wanted one (coz all my life before that I never wanted a baby and I never did until I wanted it), build a life with my best friend, get my previous marriage annulled… and so many more, both big and small things. It really is like magic! And whatever I set my mind to achieve, no matter how small or how big, as long as I genuinely believe it will happen, I really achieve it and it really does happen. The secret? GRATITUDE. (You can read my blog posts about gratitude here:



Remember when I shared with you on the previous post that I recently thought about earning extra from blogging because blogging was never really an income-generator for me, but then I thought, why not? And through the platform of GetBlogged, I first earned money from it. You can read about it here:

Many bloggers I know use Adsense to earn from their blogs. I’m using a free platform so I can’t put Google Adsense here because I’m keeping my blog expenses close to 0 if possible and I’m no techie so I chose to use instead of But maybe later on, as I explore the possibilities of my blog, I can get their premium or business account and be able to fully monetize my site, let’s see. I’m not in a hurry. I still want this to be my personal space of happiness, gratitude, learning and blessings I can share with others, especially you, my dear readers. I don’t want my blog to feel like work because I already serve several clients through my VA biz who give me a ton of work and contribute to my work satisfaction.

So there I was with this law of attraction mindset, just happily opening myself up to extra, simple, and semi-passive opportunities to earn when I chanced upon YouGov Survey a few months ago. I’ve been answering other surveys since way back in my 30s but I never saw the fruit of my labor until I joined YouGov! Just like GetBlogged, YouGov is legit too!!!



Yes! Just last June, I redeemed my points and it got accredited to my Paypal. See photos below:

YouGov Survey

YouGov Survey


And just now, I saw that I can redeem my points again and so I did!

YouGov Survey

YouGov Survey



It’s also the law of attraction that the more you give, the more you receive! Remember my current Early Christmas Giveaway? This is probably why I’ve been receiving little gifts from the universe too. ^_^



Why don’t you try registering at YouGov? As I always say, there’s really nothing to lose but a little extra money to gain… pampa-parlor, pambili ng milk ng anak mo, pambili ng diapers, pang nood ng cine…. or pandagdag savings. Diba??? Just click:

Registration is free. And once registered, they will email you every now and then about a survey you can do. Once you see it in your inbox, open the email immediately and allot time to answer the survey. The faster you answer surveys, the more frequent they will email you, the faster you can redeem your accumulated points. Otherwise, the survey will be invalid and you would have lost your chance to answer the emailed survey and wait for the next time. I was super busy with my online clients before that I tend to just disregard their emails and I’d open it after a day or two only to find out that the survey is no longer available. Sayang diba? I could’ve redeemed my money much sooner!

Anyway, their surveys are super short, around 3-10 mins. We all spend so much time browsing our social media feeds without earning a thing and even ending up feeling bad about our life in the process (because of social media envy) so why not use that time to be productive instead? You get to earn points which you can redeem later on either as a Paypal payment, Mobile Credit Top Up, Air Asia Miles, or if you’re generous, as a UNICEF Donation.

YouGov Survey


By answering YouGov surveys, you’d feel proud of yourself for being able to help companies build products and services that help humanity while earning a little extra money you can use or save for later.

Try YouGov. There’s nothing to lose and only points and extra money to gain. Here’s the link:

See you tomorrow!


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